A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

THISISCOLOSSAL.COM How about the girl's top. Fun teaser, huh? If you think her computer key bra is cool, check out this fantastic work of art made with around 18,000 vintage computer keys. Vivian just happened to come across it during an internet search and fell in love with it. The article that goes with the… Continue reading A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

Foto Friday: The Queen and the Kelpies

FALKIRK, Scotland — July 5, 2017. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is all smiles as she opens the Scottish canal alongside the stunning 30m-high Kelpies sculptures. Crowds gather as Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visit The Kelpies sculpture near Falkirk to unveil a plaque to name the Queen Elizabeth II Canal that… Continue reading Foto Friday: The Queen and the Kelpies