Virtual Ky Derby 2020

Finish line, Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky. Image WDRB.

We think this is marketing genius on the part of Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI), and perhaps, virtually, the future of horse racing in the US. Think about it. Virtual horse racing would mean zero overbreeding, racing two year olds, those horrific claiming races, cheating, doping, cruelty and traumatic breakdowns; no more racehorses killed on the… Continue reading Virtual Ky Derby 2020

Horse Racing Integrity: The Owners

By VIVIAN GRANT FARRELL I don't think it would be unfair to say that horse racing is in an ever increasing state of crisis. That means the horses are also. Racehorses are bred, used and disposed of at an alarming rate. They are drugged, their bodies manipulated in grotesque ways from the moment they are… Continue reading Horse Racing Integrity: The Owners

Penny Chenery speaks out on horse racing, drugs and the Triple Crown

Penny Chenery. Image R J Sangosti / Denver Post.

UPDATED 9:17 pm EST "I think it is regrettable. And it isn't the horse's fault and this is probably a very good horse. I don't know Mr. Reddam personally but I think he should be embarrassed that the trainer he has chosen does not have a clean record." So states Penny Chenery, referring to the… Continue reading Penny Chenery speaks out on horse racing, drugs and the Triple Crown

Thoroughbred racehorses all traced to one 17th-century mare

Horse Racing

Cross-posted from ABC News Blogs Written by NED POTTER All the great names in thoroughbred horse racing — from Secretariat to Man O’War, from Seabiscuit to Seattle Slew — they’re all related, and a team of geneticists has now traced their talent for speed back to a single ancestor. The “speed gene” that made them… Continue reading Thoroughbred racehorses all traced to one 17th-century mare

Racehorse with champion bloodlines sold to slaughter for $50 (US)

By Kim Segal and John Zarrella, CNN MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Freedom's Flight is a beautiful thoroughbred with an impressive pedigree. His bloodlines can be traced to two of the greatest race horses of all time, Seattle Slew and Secretariat. But, unlike his kinship, Freedom's Flight's racing career ended before it had even started. It… Continue reading Racehorse with champion bloodlines sold to slaughter for $50 (US)