The checkered history of Pfizer’s Premarin family of drugs

The drugs The name Premarin® spells out in its name what it is made from — PREgant MAres uRINe. Pfizer's Premarin® family of hormone replacement therapy drugs of today includes not only Premarin®, but also similarly manufactured pharmaceuticals — marketed at various times — under the names Prempro®, Premphase®, Provera® and later Aprela® (originally called… Continue reading The checkered history of Pfizer’s Premarin family of drugs

Where are the PMU farms?

by JANE ALLIN The year 2010 saw the reduction in the number of farms in the North American PMU industry dwindle to a mere 26 ranches housing approximately 40 horses each. This is a far cry from the once prolific industry that flourished in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota where at the peak of its… Continue reading Where are the PMU farms?