Merlin a magician at survival

Well, it is more instinct than magic. A telling story all the same. —Editor. Outer Banks horse left alone in pasture may have had to swim to survive hurricane Cross-posted from the Charlotte Observer Written by Mark Price A mystery has emerged in the telling of how the Outer Banks’ wild horses survived Hurricane Florence.… Continue reading Merlin a magician at survival

Take Action: North Carolina’s historic horses in jeopardy

Cross-posted from One Green Planet WHEN CORDERO, a wild foal, was first spotted on North Carolina’s famed Outer Banks, the tides were too high to bring a trailer. For the four days that followed, Karen McCalpain, director of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, and volunteers searched for him through wooded areas and marsh until… Continue reading Take Action: North Carolina’s historic horses in jeopardy

Corollas designated official state horse of N. Carolina

Corolla’s wild horses and others like them are expected to become the official state horse of North Carolina. The General Assembly ratified a bill today naming Colonial Spanish mustangs as the state horse. The governor is expected to sign the bill into law. Believed to be descended from Spanish mustangs that arrived here in the… Continue reading Corollas designated official state horse of N. Carolina

Help Wild Horses (NC)

By KAREN H. McCALPIN | Corolla Wild Horse Fund | 15 Sept 2008 On April 16th I formally requested that the Currituck Outer Banks Wild Horse Management Plan be changed from a maximum of 60 horses to a minimum of 110. The request was made in relation to a recent genetic study that indicated high… Continue reading Help Wild Horses (NC)