CHDC Horse Welfare Workshop 15th Nov (CAN)

On Sunday, November 15th, CHDC Director Shelley Grainger will be conducting a workshop for people to learn and network on horse welfare issues. Topics to be covered include petitioning and meeting with your MP, horse auctions and transportation issues, operating a horse rescue, obtaining non-profit charity status and fund-raising ideas. This afternoon session will take… Continue reading CHDC Horse Welfare Workshop 15th Nov (CAN)

Stand Up and Defend Horses Canada: Rally (CAN)

Defend Horses Rally -- October 26, 2008 The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, in collaboration with a number of horse welfare groups, are holding a rally protesting horse slaughter for human consumption. Inspired by Catherine Rolson of Kingston, Ontaria, she encourages horse defenders who live in the area to please attend and make your voices heard… Continue reading Stand Up and Defend Horses Canada: Rally (CAN)

Rescue Me: Charlie Finds an Angel (CAN)

By VIVIAN GRANT I was exchanging emails with Shelley Grainger of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, and asked if she would like to write a guest feature article for Tuesday's Horse. I know the CHDC are busy working on the horse slaughter issue in Canada, and it is important we keep up with and cheer… Continue reading Rescue Me: Charlie Finds an Angel (CAN)