Sue Wallis salutes horse slaughter buyers as heroes and saviours

Sue Wallis

I have heard many twisted interpretations of the facts in the horse slaughter debate, but I never thought I would live to read something as outrageous as what you will see below. Of course, it has come from the mind of Sue Wallis, also referred to as "Slaughterhouse Sue" among horse lovers. In an Op… Continue reading Sue Wallis salutes horse slaughter buyers as heroes and saviours

Natural or cloned, should we be eating horses?

Sue Wallis, aka "Slaughterhouse Sue," may lose her seat as a Wyoming State Representative, but doubt she will shed too many tears over it. Wallis has carved out another career for herself -- while she was supposed to be out representing her constituency -- as a seller of horse meat. "Slaughterhouse Sue is the Executive… Continue reading Natural or cloned, should we be eating horses?

The Ballad of Slaughterhouse Sue (US)

Watchers of horse issues, such as the relentless destruction of our wild horses and burros through roundups and birth control, and our domestic horses through slaughter, will know the name Sue Wallis. Sue Wallis made herself an enemy of the people who care about the welfare of horses. However, Wallis is reaching outside those circles… Continue reading The Ballad of Slaughterhouse Sue (US)