US Rep. Steve King loses Primary

Republican Congressman Steve King. Getty Images.

King is not only a vile bigot but also a pro horse slaughter defender who worked vigorously on the Hill to defeat any and all attempts to ban it on U.S. soil. He was also a major player in blocking legislation outlawing the live export of horses for slaughter to Canada and Mexico. More on… Continue reading US Rep. Steve King loses Primary

OpEd: The King amendment and destruction of animal protections

UPDATE -- THE FARM BILL HAS BEEN DEFEATED! The House voted 195-234, with 62 Republicans joining 172 Democrats, to defeat the bill. The vote was regarded as a surprise, and represented an embarrassment to the House GOP leadership team. President Barack Obama had threatened to veto the House legislation had it somehow eventually reached his… Continue reading OpEd: The King amendment and destruction of animal protections