Horses: Street Art and Graffiti

Horses inspire interesting and thought-provoking street art and graffiti. Here are a few we came across. ▼ From San Francisco Bay area graffiti artist Ruby Nero -- Reminisce ▼ Banksy's "African Hunters" (Photo: SelfServe) ▼ Mural at The Big Horse (now closed) in Chicago (Photo: The Grocer ▼ Galloping Horse on bridge support by… Continue reading Horses: Street Art and Graffiti

Banksy makes political statement with “Wild Horses” NY art installation

The street artist, who is originally from Bristol, England, revealed an intricate installation Wednesday on Ludlow Street in Manhattan's lower East Side. Viewers told The News that they were alarmed to hear the accompanying audio, from a 2007 raid in Baghdad. WRITTEN BY BETH STEBNER / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS New York Daily News reports:… Continue reading Banksy makes political statement with “Wild Horses” NY art installation