A horse track with no rules

On-track drug injections, shock devices and a dead jockey: A “bush track” in Georgia is one of dozens that profit outside the reach of regulation. WASHINGTON POST by GUS GARCIA-ROBERTS |Published August 5, 2022/Updated August 6, 2022 MILNER, Ga. — In this population-800 town in rural Georgia, where residents along winding country roads fly the… Continue reading A horse track with no rules

Will women have short memories about HRT? Pharma hopes so

HRT Horse Artwork created by Martha Rosenberg.

As a new generation of women approach menopause, will the HRT lessons of the 1970s and 2000's be lost amid Pharma's marketing again? Martha Rosenberg has been writing intelligently and cohesively about the issues surrounding the Premarin® family of drugs for a good while, and we are very grateful to her. Rosenberg has penned another… Continue reading Will women have short memories about HRT? Pharma hopes so