Top 5 Richa video recipes you must make right away

Richa Hingle of Vegan Richa.

Five terrific vegan recipes from Vegan Richa including a great spaghetti using lentils and a delicious pizza dip. Plus some mega sweet treats. All video recipes. All from Insta.

I’ve made all of these now. Making my family especially crazy lately with these great eats. Do you get into those kinda grooves too? So tasty, so fun. So easy!

Turn the sound down before starting up these videos so you don’t make yourself (or someone else) jump! Wink.

First up . . . . these vegan cookie dough ice cream sandwiches melt in your mouth. Wasn’t a cookie dough anything lover until these. Too too sweet. These are just right. Use your homemade oat flour. You can blend them up in a jiffy. I’ll tell you real quick how to do that now.


1. Add 1 to 2 cups old-fashioned oats to a blender or food processor. Must be old-fashioned oats.
2. Place the lid on, and give it a go on high speed until the oats turn into a fine powder.
3. Transfer to an air-tight container and store for in the pantry for about 3 months.


Mind blowingly good.


Who doesn’t love a great quesadilla, huh? And you’ll get to use that cashew cheese you made here too.


My husband and daughter both adore this.


My family and friends all adore spaghetti. I have loads of different recipes, don’t you? Here’s a great one no matter how many you have.


I hope I have inspired you and made you happy. Have a superb weekend, and thank you for following Tuesday’s Horse and helping us defend our wonderful horses. We wouldn’t be sitting here right now, and have all that we have, without them. They helped mankind discover and shape the world.

L♥ve, P♥tsy!

Sweet vegan treats

Vegan Chunky Monkey Ice Cream. My Darling Vegan.

I didn’t get to share anything with you this week because of the July 4th holiday. But I am making up for it now with fantastic vegan sweet treats. These are our favorites from Instagram. Links to popsicle recipes here on TH at the end. You are bound to find something you’ve just got to make.

Insta Treats

Coming up there’s two you can make from here on this page. The other two you will need to visit their Instagram accounts.

Woohooooooo! Let’s do it.

• Raw Ice Cream


If you like Chunky Monkey Ice Cream (vegan), you’ve got to go here »

Here’s what you will need. Oh, you will need an ice cream maker. Hope this is not a big deal breaker for a lot of you. I happen to have one cause I got gifted it. I’m always saying that aren’t I? But every birthday and Christmas I get cooking & baking gadgets. Which I love. I didn’t use the ice cream maker at first, but now I use it all summer. Perhaps you’ve got one stashed you rarely if ever use. Now’s the time to bring that baby out!


Ice Cream Base
6 very ripe bananas
1 cup raw almond milk
1- 2 tbsp raw agave maple syrup, or coconut nectar (optional)**
1 tsp vanilla extract

Raw Chocolate
3 tbsp coconut oil melted
1/4 cup raw cacao powder
2 tbsp maple syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup walnuts

US Customary – Metric

Here’s another link to the recipe »

• Cheesecake

• Raw Truffles

View this post on Instagram

as i’m running errands and starting to move into my new crib i think of how great it would be to have some #truffles in my bag to power me up • thankfully i have juice but if I were on solid food these right here would be so perfect • portable, delicious and dense • you can make them and with so many different combinations of yummy nuts and spices but this recipe with #chai looks absolutely divine • hope you’re all enjoying your weekend • image and recipe by @infusedwithtea 💚 #chaitruffles #truffle #dessert #snack #vegan #chairrecipe #sweets #guiltfreesweets #raw #rawvegan #rawveganrecipes #rawveganrecipeshare #easyrecipes #foodphotography #rawfood #rawfoodist #trufflerecipe

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• Iced Berry Donuts

My daughter and I are more and more getting into raw vegan food. It makes us feel so darn good and so very, very delicious. Especially great for summertime eating.

Enjoy. See you back here soon. Have a great rest of the weekend. Love y’all!

•  Popsicles!

:  Patsy talks popsicles »

:  8 totally cool and tasty recipes for homemade vegan popsicles »

:  Cool off vegan style with these creamy chai coconut popsicles »

:  Blackberry Coconut Lime, Strawberry Lime Yogurt Popsicle Recipes »

• Ice Cream Maker

: Ten Amazing Reasons to Dust Off Your Ice Cream Maker »

How about this from Really Simple? »

— Make Cola slushies. Set up the machine according to the manufacturer’s directions. Pour in one 12-ounce can of cola and start the machine. When a thick slush has formed (after 10 to 15 minutes), scoop it into two glasses and serve.

— Make margaritas. Pour all the ingredients except the alcohol into the ice cream maker. When the liquid has frozen, add the tequila and triple sec.

— Whip up a frozen lime rickey. Pour 6 ounces of seltzer, 1 ounce of simple syrup (made by dissolving 2 parts sugar in 1 part boiling water), and 1 ounce of lime juice into the machine. Let freeze for 15 to 20 minutes.

— Make frozen hot chocolate. Prepare instant hot chocolate according to the package directions, then pour it into the machine and freeze for about 20 minutes.

I copied the above in for you because Really Simple is one of those sites — like too many cooking sites — that are so heavily loaded with constant popups and ads it takes ages before you can make even the slightest move down the page. I know folks need to monetize but I get out of these type of sites as quickly as I can,  even if I am really, really interested in what they have going on. How about you?

Later, gators!

Updated: 6 Jul 8:16 pm CST.

Vegan Root Beer Float

Horses with Hats On. Richard Mayfield.

Hey there. Summer’s definitely arrived where we are. So we started thinking ice cream. Then we started thinking ice cream floats. In my case, a root beer float. But can you make a root beer float that’s vegan? Yes! With this.

LIVE Kombucha Root Beer (vegan). Click image to visit website.


My daughter searched the world wide web for vegan root beer, and she found one. Fortunately you can get it in Texas. It’s called LIVE’s Kombucha Root Beer.

I checked out the ingredients (naturally):

Organic Raw Kombucha (Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Tea, Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Evaporated Cane Juice, and Organic Kombucha Culture Fermented in Purified Water), Natural Flavors, Organic Stevia Extract (Natural Sweetener).

When you see “organic sugar” fret not. See end of post.

But LIVE products are so terribly expensive. Walmart sells it but you’ll have to go in, and they are frequently out of stock. The stuff goes fast. We got the last they had! Amazon will deliver it free but it’s right at $60 for 8 12-oz bottles.

We can’t afford this all the time. So we looked again. Gotcha! Coca Cola saves the day. Barq’s is vegan. They explain how:

If you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, you should know that a few of our drinks do contain small traces of fish gelatine (which is used as a stabiliser for the beta-carotene colour). These drinks are Lilt, Lilt Zero, Kia-Ora Orange Squash No Added Sugar and Schweppes Orange Squash.


We love SoDelicious. Use your fave vegan brand.


Ha, ha! No recipe. You already know how to make a root beer float. Use your preferred ratio of ice cream to root beer in a tall glass. We say ice cream first though so the root beer when poured in goes all foamy and stuff.


Check this out. The Minimalist Baker’s Vodka Root Beer Float! She uses coconut ice cream. Yes! Recommended for 21 and over. Wink!

That does it. Have a super superb weekend. See y’all again next week.


While bone char is used to bleach and filter cane sugar, not all cane sugar is refined with bone char. Some companies rely on alternatives like granular carbon, which does not contain animal products, during the filtering process. Organic sugar does not use bone char. So we’re safe.

See more at

Coconut Cake and Chocolatey Brownies

On my stars, look at this!

Elavegan's Coconut Cake with Oil-Free Frosting (GF).
Elavegan’s Coconut Cake with Oil-Free Frosting (GF). Click image to visit her website for full details and print out the recipe.

This cake is so gorgeous and tasty. I nearly fainted. I am making it again for the weekend. Thought I would run by Tuesday’s Horse and drop it off for you to try too.

Ela says:

I used a combination of rice flour and oat flour, however, I am pretty sure that you could also use a gluten-free all-purpose flour blend. And if you aren’t gluten-free, you can try using all purpose flour or spelt flour.

I used all oat flour. I have also made it with spelt flour. It worked out fine for me.

I have all types of flour in my cupboard because I am always trying out recipes which always seem to call for something different that a normal person wouldn’t normally have on hand.

Now, the other thing, and this may sound weird, but the recipe calls for Japanese sweet potatoes. You’re probably thinking how in the heck am I going to find those, and it’s a holiday weekend etc. etc. Well, don’t give up, you can order them via Instacart and have them delivered right to your door. How about that. I thought I better mention that — about the Japanese sweet potatoes! By the way, they’re used in the frosting.

Anyway, skip over to this link for the full recipe. You can print it from over there too. I love that.

It’s easy peasy to make. Really. A bit of blending or grinding. Anyway, have a look and see what you think.

Not feeling the coconut cake? I bet you’ll be feeling these.

Best vegan brownies. Fudgy and delicious. By Elavegan.
Best vegan Sweet Pea Brownies. Fudgy and delicious. By Elavegan. Click image to visit and print recipe.

My daughter makes these. She’s 11. They’re made with sweet peas. Crazy, right?

Ela says:

Well, these brownies are already very chocolatey, but you can never have enough chocolate in your life, right? So let’s top these delicious fudgy brownies with a creamy chocolate spread which tastes like buttercream! It’s made from peanut flour, cocoa powder, coconut oil, maple syrup, and water.

You probably saw peanut flour, and thought, what is Patsy trying to do here with all these odd flours. But don’t you worry. You won’t have to use Instacart.

In the recipe notes it says, “You can skip it [the peanut flour] and use 7 tbsp of cocoa powder and leave out the water (as the peanut flour makes the mixture thicker).” See!

So gooey and wonderful.

Click here to grab the brownie recipe. You can print it there too.

Aren’t I good to you? Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and have a great weekend.