Top 5 Richa video recipes you must make right away

Richa Hingle of Vegan Richa.

Five terrific vegan recipes from Vegan Richa including a great spaghetti using lentils and a delicious pizza dip. Plus some mega sweet treats. All video recipes. All from Insta. I've made all of these now. Making my family especially crazy lately with these great eats. Do you get into those kinda grooves too? So tasty,… Continue reading Top 5 Richa video recipes you must make right away

Sweet vegan treats

Vegan Chunky Monkey Ice Cream. My Darling Vegan.

I didn’t get to share anything with you this week because of the July 4th holiday. But I am making up for it now with fantastic vegan sweet treats. These are our favorites from Instagram. Links to popsicle recipes here on TH at the end. You are bound to find something you've just got to… Continue reading Sweet vegan treats

Vegan Root Beer Float

Hey there. Summer's definitely arrived where we are. So we started thinking ice cream. Then we started thinking ice cream floats. In my case, a root beer float. But can you make a root beer float that's vegan? Yes! With this. ROOT BEER My daughter searched the world wide web for vegan root beer, and… Continue reading Vegan Root Beer Float

Coconut Cake and Chocolatey Brownies

On my stars, look at this! This cake is so gorgeous and tasty. I nearly fainted. I am making it again for the weekend. Thought I would run by Tuesday's Horse and drop it off for you to try too. Ela says: I used a combination of rice flour and oat flour, however, I am… Continue reading Coconut Cake and Chocolatey Brownies