How a bill becomes law

Interior of the Capitol Hill dome, Washington D.C.

Who remembers Government class or Civics? Or do they even teach them any more? It seems a large percentage of American citizens do not know how a bill becomes law. When we started, some of us at the Fund for Horses did, but most of us had very little clue. We were in good shape… Continue reading How a bill becomes law

March 16 the deadline to speak up for Heber Wild Horses

Three Heber Wild Horses.

HEBER, AZ — March 16 is the deadline for public comment on the fate of the Heber Wild Horses. Comment link and talking points at the end of this post. Why it is so important Last week, the Forest Service released its proposed management plan for the Heber Wild Horse Territory. It includes plans to limit… Continue reading March 16 the deadline to speak up for Heber Wild Horses

Quote of the Day

Horse meat tartare in Jeju Island, Korea, restaurant.

[Horse flesh] is about as healthful as food contaminated with DDT. —Nicholas Dodman, professor at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine If you are looking for more talking points why U.S. legislators should enact H.R.961 and S.2006 (the "SAFE Act"), outlawing horse slaughter on U.S. soil and outside the U.S., this is an excellent one.… Continue reading Quote of the Day