Horse slaughter promoter alleges death threats to YMCA Director

Horses tagged by the USDA for slaughter for human consumption.

EQUINE WELFARE ALLIANCE PRESS RELEASE March 10, 2012 – Mountain Grove, MO (EWA) – A bizarre chain of events has followed the contentious meeting of the Mountain Grove City Council on March 6th concerning the Unified Equine proposal to build a horse slaughter plant near the town. Unified Equine CEO Sue Wallis claimed that the… Continue reading Horse slaughter promoter alleges death threats to YMCA Director

What’s wrong with Temple Grandin?

I am often asked why I am so opposed to the work of Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin means well, certain animal advocates point out to me, and has dedicated her life to making the slaughter of animals more humane. Here is why. Slaughter is not, and cannot be made, humane. Definition of slaughter: To… Continue reading What’s wrong with Temple Grandin?

Horse Slaughter Sue has unified plan for killing equines in Cheyenne

It is not difficult to see the real intention of this. The Unified Equine Program is going to use the old Cheyenne Stockyards to quarantine horses until they can be killed for food, mostly likely using some for breeding stock for slaughter. It is clear they intend to eventually export the horse meat overseas, and… Continue reading Horse Slaughter Sue has unified plan for killing equines in Cheyenne

Study says horses experience stress before slaughter

It appears that horse slaughter is now part of the "happy meat" spin. "Happy meat" refers to the current marketing campaign by animal agriculture promoting the idea to consumers that if food animals are happy before they are slaughtered, then their meat is happy and people can feel happy about eating it. Whoa, please. At… Continue reading Study says horses experience stress before slaughter

Happy horse meat? I think not.

by VIVIAN GRANT Happy Meat I was shocked when I learned Peta gave an award to Temple Grandin for anything, let alone for making animal death factories more "compassionate." Major animal rights groups have become little more than consultants to animal agriculture, advocating that so long as animal suffering is lessened before they are brutally… Continue reading Happy horse meat? I think not.

Wild horse groups continue efforts to end “brumby running” (AU)

Cross-posted by HorseTalkNZ The Victorian Brumby Association (VBA) has met with the RSPCA in Melbourne to discuss its ongoing efforts to end the controversial trapping technique called "brumby running". Brumby running is a traditional method of capture where wild horses are roped from horseback, often at full gallop. The VBA reported said last year that… Continue reading Wild horse groups continue efforts to end “brumby running” (AU)

Horse euthanasia discussed at forum (US)

A veterinarian talked about the controversy surrounding the issue BY ANNA CODUTTI | The Missourian | August 19, 2008 | 10:08 a.m. CDT COLUMBIA — Community members were invited to hear about the problem of unwanted horses and discuss solutions at a meeting hosted Monday night at the Animal Science Research Center by Tom Lenz,… Continue reading Horse euthanasia discussed at forum (US)