2020 Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration attendance hits rock bottom

Tennessee Walking Horses competing with stacks.

Clant Seay is writing up what he witnessed at the 2020 Tennessee Walking Horse “Celebration” show, in this instance exposing the Celebration's numerous lies about attendance — with pictures to prove it. We are posting some of the highlights of his article below. Go here for Seay's full post and pictures. Seay states: In Shelbyville,… Continue reading 2020 Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration attendance hits rock bottom

Tennessee Walking Horse group suspends three trainers

Horse Soring

Cross-posted from The Tennessean HEIDI HALL reports: A Tennessee Walking Horse industry watchdog group announced results Monday from its new leg-swabbing program, implemented in June. Two trainers, Brad Beard and Marvin North, received two-week suspensions of their training licenses. A third, Knox Blackburn, received a four-week suspension. The announcement didn’t include information about the substances… Continue reading Tennessee Walking Horse group suspends three trainers

USDA official slams horse groups hard

Horse Soring

Anyone who advocates for horses for any length of time will come to face with this issue -- whether a supporter of a horse protection organization or active in social media -- and that is a lack of unity, of working together for the good of the horse. It is not something one would expect… Continue reading USDA official slams horse groups hard