Giving thanks for horses

Two quotes from poems of thanks, one by the celebrated poet Robert Duncan which many of you know, and one by our staff. Happy Thanksgiving. by ROBERT DUNCAN “Where in this wide world can men find nobility without pride, Friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity? Here, where grace is laced with power and strength… Continue reading Giving thanks for horses

Vegan Thanksgiving 2021

Here are some tasty ideas for a stellar Vegan Thanksgiving. If you have a favourite Vegan recipe for Thanksgiving, please feel free to leave a link to it in comments. Are you ready? Let's go! Starter Main Course Vegan Richa says, "My Lentil Quinoa Loaf is super popular. Hearty with Lentils Quinoa and Veggies… Continue reading Vegan Thanksgiving 2021

Giving thanks for horses

Horse Fund signature horse. Used with permission. ©Bob Langrish.

Remembering our horses with gratitude on America's national day of giving thanks. We love this poem by "Herd of Joy": Receive all that a horse gives In every moment With love Reward each and every step And every offering With gratitude For the horse owes us nothing It is we who owe her Everything The… Continue reading Giving thanks for horses

Thanksgiving cranberry fruit salad

Hello dear ones. Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving at our house without homemade fruit salad. It is something I look so forward to. I love cranberries and decided to add them this year to our family recipe, but somehow it didn't taste the way I expected when I did a test run. So I thought, okay,… Continue reading Thanksgiving cranberry fruit salad

Yummy vegan nut roast for the holidays

Cornucopia artwork by Country Living.

I love veggie loafs and nut roasts but the nutty ones most during the holidays. This is such a handy holiday recipe to have. It's a BBC recipe that I have made time and again and everybody loves it. Make sure none of your revelers are allergic to nuts. It you can't do something "nutty" because… Continue reading Yummy vegan nut roast for the holidays

Vegan green bean casserole

Minimalist Baker's Vegan Green Bean Casserole.

Hey! I am going to refer you to Minimalist Baker's recipe for green bean casserole in a minute. I do it Vivian's way. She showed me how a very long time ago when we were both in Houston, but neither of us are any good at writing recipes so I am just going to describe… Continue reading Vegan green bean casserole

More Thanksgiving food ideas

Hello there Vegan comrades. I have been inundated with requests and there is not space here to address them all, nor do you have the time to scroll through such a list! You have had two overwhelming popular requests: More main course ideas, more side course ideas. My go to is always Vegan Richa (as… Continue reading More Thanksgiving food ideas

Vegan sweet potato rolls (video)

Are you a baker? I am a baker. Who is always looking for something new. Made these yesterday, and will be adding these dinner rolls to what will be a table groaning with vegan fabulousness this Thanksgiving. Vegan Sweet Potato Rolls — Soft Herb Dinner Rolls Ingredients 3/4 cup non dairy milk (warmed to… Continue reading Vegan sweet potato rolls (video)

Happy Thanksgiving

Horse in profile silhouetted against a night sky. Unattributed Google search image.

We are so very grateful for our wonderful horses. What a gift to mankind they are. And we are also so very grateful for you who take action to protect them whenever you are called upon. You give in so many ways we couldn't possibly list them all. So we will express those words that… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Love match: Gratitude and Horses

Galloping Horse by Bob Langrish. By Permission.

I have two poems I dearly love about horses. I am sharing them with our readers this Thanksgiving to pay tribute to the horses I love and gratitude for your fellowship in that shared passion. Happy Day! THE LOVE-CHASE by James Sheridan Knowles What delight to back the flying steed, that challenges the wind for… Continue reading Love match: Gratitude and Horses