Money goes to the dogs not horses in Oz

Big Fail in Queensland In an article last October, we were dismayed to learn that a volunteer organization that rehomes Standardbred racehorses was forced to close its doors due to lack of funding, just weeks before footage of Thoroughbreds being sent to slaughter was aired on ABC 7.30. Then we learn that the Queensland greyhound… Continue reading Money goes to the dogs not horses in Oz

Industry groups create Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance

Thoroughbred Racehorse

A broad-based group of Thoroughbred industry stakeholders announced today the establishment of the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA)—an organization designed to serve as both the accrediting body for aftercare facilities that care for Thoroughbreds following the conclusion of their racing careers and a fundraising body to support these approved facilities. Funded initially by seed money from… Continue reading Industry groups create Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance

Thoroughbred aftercare: a new legacy for Barbaro

Ray Paulick writes the following in a post for the Paulick Report: On Friday, I suggested that time is running out for the industry to act on the long-neglected issue of Thoroughbred aftercare. On almost a weekly basis, our industry is being smeared, deservedly or not, by heartless cruelty to horses by what I can… Continue reading Thoroughbred aftercare: a new legacy for Barbaro

LeFever case: Paulick calls for ideas to prevent it

Ray Paulick of the Paulick Report posted this today: Yesterday we broke the news of Kelsey Lefever, a 24-year-old woman who has allegedly been misrepresenting her intentions of finding a new home for retired racehorses in Pennsylvania and taking them to kill-buyers instead. and further Earlier today, we reported Great Scott Farm fired Lefever from… Continue reading LeFever case: Paulick calls for ideas to prevent it