Europol and Spain lead horse meat fraud investigation

FOOD SAFETY NETWORK (FSN) reports: December 2, 2022 EUROPEAN authorities have uncovered a network that sold potentially dangerous horse meat in at least four countries. The operation was coordinated by Europol and the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil). A video can be seen here. Operation Yucatán targeted the sale of horse meat unsuitable for consumption. The meat… Continue reading Europol and Spain lead horse meat fraud investigation

To eat or not to eat horse meat

Butchering of a horse in Catania. Horse meat is ugly.

Horse slaughter is a brutal and terrifying death and exists to supply the human demand for horse meat and make a profit from it, and for no other reason. Should people be eating their meat? Who eats it In an article defending and promoting the human consumption of horse meat, AG Daily recently wrote: “The… Continue reading To eat or not to eat horse meat

The trouble with horse meat

Ground horse meat. Source:

How toxic is horse meat? The answer is — very. There are approximately one hundred and ten (110!) drugs administered to horses over their lifetimes that are illegal to administer to animals raised for human consumption. Equines are medicated with wormers, antibiotics, fly sprays, diuretics and Phenylbutazone (a pain killer once administered to people and… Continue reading The trouble with horse meat

Canadian regulators amend clenbuterol stand-down period

RYAN DICKEY, reporting for Horse Racing Nation writes: The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency has changed rules regarding the administration of clenbuterol in race horses, according to a tweet from Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson. Lawson stated the CPMA "announced the guidance for clenbuterol use has been extended from seven days to 28 days. The new testing will… Continue reading Canadian regulators amend clenbuterol stand-down period

Republican cosponsors and the SAFE Act

US Capitol Dome and Flag.

Calling all Americans. Do you have a Republican Representative in the U.S. House? If so, help boost Republican support of the SAFE Act by asking your Representative to cosponsor H.R.961. Here's why. There are 435 voting members in the U.S. House. 218 equals a majority. As of this writing the SAFE Act has 228 cosponsors. However, in… Continue reading Republican cosponsors and the SAFE Act

Ban toxic horse meat

Beauty was a 'throwaway', a horse on a slaughter-bound feedlot that nobody wanted. Well, I wanted her! Image: Remembering Beauty website.

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — All sorts of sources are being suggested in connection with the current virus scare. Did you see this? PETA is being mocked and ridiculed by social media users after implying that eating meat may cause coronavirus. The aggressive animal rights organization made the shocking suggestion on Twitter last week, writing: 'Carnivorous is… Continue reading Ban toxic horse meat

Quote of the Day

Horse meat tartare in Jeju Island, Korea, restaurant.

[Horse flesh] is about as healthful as food contaminated with DDT. —Nicholas Dodman, professor at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine If you are looking for more talking points why U.S. legislators should enact H.R.961 and S.2006 (the "SAFE Act"), outlawing horse slaughter on U.S. soil and outside the U.S., this is an excellent one.… Continue reading Quote of the Day

Drugged horses slipping into slaughterhouses another Toronto Star investigation shows

I know we have already reported numerous times on the failed documentation systems intending to keep toxic horse meat from entering the human food chain. However, there are more and more people becoming aware of horse slaughter every day, and this is always worth reporting and reminding all of us about. First though, from the… Continue reading Drugged horses slipping into slaughterhouses another Toronto Star investigation shows

Star investigation: Ottawa refuses to say whether drug-tainted horse meat entered food chain

As Tuesday's Horse readers will be well aware, we have been preaching this for some time: Canadian racehorses receive banned drugs throughout their lifetimes and are ineligible for slaughter. (See for example, Thousands of racehorses face slaughter: Not so fast Canada). This issue has now become the target of a comprehensive Star Investigation. Here is… Continue reading Star investigation: Ottawa refuses to say whether drug-tainted horse meat entered food chain

Kate Middleton terrified she was fed contaminated horse meat

Britain’s biggest catering company, Sodexo has revealed that it has found horse meat in some of its products instead of the expected ground beef. The royals may have been fed the mis-marked meat as long ago as last summer and it is creating quite an appalling situation. According to the March 8th print edition of… Continue reading Kate Middleton terrified she was fed contaminated horse meat