Horse Racing Integrity: The Owners

By VIVIAN GRANT FARRELL I don't think it would be unfair to say that horse racing is in an ever increasing state of crisis. That means the horses are also. Racehorses are bred, used and disposed of at an alarming rate. They are drugged, their bodies manipulated in grotesque ways from the moment they are… Continue reading Horse Racing Integrity: The Owners

The killers of Santa Anita

Killer (definition): Noun. a person or thing that kills. Adjective. denoting a person or thing that kills. Synonyms — murderer, slaughterer, destroyer, liquidator, exterminator, terminator, executioner, slayer, cause of death, destroyer, threat to life, menace, plague, scourge, peril. The following trainers are responsible for the deaths of the racehorses listed below during the current season… Continue reading The killers of Santa Anita