Equestrians race to save horses abandoned in Ukraine warzones

YAHOO! NEWS via REUTERS, Joseph Campbell reporting, 1st Apr. 2022: When bombs began to fall as Russian forces poured into Ukraine in late February, thousands of people fled for safety, leaving their homes and property behind. Those who could often took beloved pets with them. It wasn't so easy for horse owners, though, who faced… Continue reading Equestrians race to save horses abandoned in Ukraine warzones

Famed Stallions Cornet Obolensky and Comme Il Faut 5 Evacuating Ukraine

The Chronicle of the Horse reports: After a tense few weeks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine during which former five-star show jumpers and world renowned stallions Cornet Obolensky and Comme Il Faut 5 were trapped inside the country, the two horses were loaded up today, March 9, to evacuate. The pair had been standing… Continue reading Famed Stallions Cornet Obolensky and Comme Il Faut 5 Evacuating Ukraine

Update on Ukraine horses

Finally, some news. Not much . . . but some. Charity Foundation set up HorseTalkNZ reported on 3rd March :— The newly established Belgian-registered Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation, led by the federation’s secretary-general Mykhaylo Parkhomchuk, aims to help horse owners, riding schools, athletes, equestrian clubs, stables and professionals. It will also provide counselling and… Continue reading Update on Ukraine horses

Ukraine horses in the news

There is not much news about horses in the Ukraine, but we did find a bit. Support for Ukraine equestrian community A FEI Solidarity relief fund of 1 million Swiss Francs (£813,760) is being allocated to help the equestrian community in Ukraine. The FEI is liaising closely with the Ukrainian federation and neighbouring countries to… Continue reading Ukraine horses in the news

Study solves mystery of horse domestication

Horses pulling a carriage in Progovo, Kiev, Ukraine. Google image.

New research indicates that domestic horses originated in the steppes of modern-day Ukraine, southwest Russia and west Kazakhstan, mixing with local wild stocks as they spread throughout Europe and Asia. The research was published May 7, 2012, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). For several decades scientists puzzled over the origin… Continue reading Study solves mystery of horse domestication

Chernobyl’s Przewalski’s horses are poached for meat

By Victoria Gill BBC NATURE A herd of Critically Endangered wild Przewalski's horses in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is under threat from poachers, say scientists. Researchers in Ukraine say that the population may be in decline because poachers have been removing the animals faster than they are breeding. Thirty-one horses were taken from a Przewalski's… Continue reading Chernobyl’s Przewalski’s horses are poached for meat