Watch your language! Horses are not “its”

Horse in profile.

FROM THE EDITOR Horses are not its. Nor is any animal. Inanimate objects are its. All animals, including horses, are living, breathing, feeling, sentient beings and should be referred to as such. Let us be mindful to always use proper language when referring to horses, and all animals, using he, she, his, her, who and… Continue reading Watch your language! Horses are not “its”

When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town: Alternatives to Slaughter

Horses on Slaughter Truck. HSUS Image.

Slaughter is a useless as a tool for controlling the unwanted horse population. WITH the devastated economy, its slow recovery and the closure of all horse slaughter facilities in the US, pro-slaughter groups want you to believe there is no alternative. A study examining horse slaughter trends in the United States, Canada and Mexico carried… Continue reading When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town: Alternatives to Slaughter

Calling the Kettle Black: Pfizer the Horrible

Written by JANE ALLIN The recent live chat on “Unwanted Horses” and the GAO slaughter report sponsored by Pfizer featuring Tom Lenz, king and founder of the “unwanted horse” concept, begs for rationalization. Who are they kidding? [1] Ah, but the writing was on the wall. In June of 2010, the American Horse Council (AHC)… Continue reading Calling the Kettle Black: Pfizer the Horrible

Unwanted horse and slaughter propaganda travels to Canada

Written by JANE ALLIN Chief Research Analyst Just as in the U.S., the misleading and malicious notion of the “Unwanted Horse” has now transcended its origin to become Canadian terminology in response to the EU laws in effect for paperwork required in federal horse slaughter plants for horses destined to be sold for human consumption.… Continue reading Unwanted horse and slaughter propaganda travels to Canada

America’s Horse cloned for slaughter? (US)

The American Quarter Horse Association is not the business most responsible for sentencing horses to death by slaughter. That title most likely belongs to pharma giant, Wyeth, through the decades long massacre of innocent foals and mares related to the production of the Premarin group of drugs. AQHA policies are extremely deadly to horses of… Continue reading America’s Horse cloned for slaughter? (US)

Unwanted Horses: How Serious a Problem?

by Tom LaMarra | The Date Posted: 6/18/2008 8:49:39 PM Last Updated: 6/19/2008 6:55:51 AM ----- It tends to get lost in the shuffle because it’s not as sexy as anabolic steroids, race-fixing, or catastrophic breakdowns from a media perspective. But talk to people who work in the horse industry every day, and they’ll… Continue reading Unwanted Horses: How Serious a Problem?