The real story on wild horses

Wild horses and burros across the American West are being decimated by outrageous helicopter roundups.  — Colette Kaluza Take Action Tell Congress to fund Herd Management Area Plans, not helicopter roundups, and to hold a hearing to investigate BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program. If you know who your representative is but you are unable… Continue reading The real story on wild horses

SAFE Act needs your support

A horse in slaughter buyer Mike McCarron's trailer in Cleburne, Texas, August, 2019. USA Today.

Horse slaughter for human consumption is a grisly, predatory business — and big business. According to Beef Magazine production totals are about 1.6 billion pounds of horse meat annually. "This protein supply annually generates U.S. $1 billion in imports and exports combined," they write. Besides the obvious horrors of slaughter for the horses, there is… Continue reading SAFE Act needs your support

Horse protection bills pending in US Congress

Galloping horse statuary near Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Photographer unknown.

Please take action on these bills. In this day and age, it is quicker and easier than ever. With so much at stake, we hope you will contact Congress on behalf of our horses. However much time it takes, we as horse lovers and defenders should be willing to give it. If you already know… Continue reading Horse protection bills pending in US Congress

Big Lick horses: Training babies

Image from 2015 HSUS Horse Soring Investigation.

When training horses for human-imagined and -staged competitions, it often begins when the horses are very young. It is no different with sored or “Big Lick” horses and heartbreaking. The jerky, unnatural high-stepping gait called the “Big Lick” is induced through what is called horse soring, achieved only by inflicting unconscionable pain on a horse's… Continue reading Big Lick horses: Training babies

How a bill becomes law

Interior of the Capitol Hill dome, Washington D.C.

Who remembers Government class or Civics? Or do they even teach them any more? It seems a large percentage of American citizens do not know how a bill becomes law. When we started, some of us at the Fund for Horses did, but most of us had very little clue. We were in good shape… Continue reading How a bill becomes law

Raffle Time — Get Your Ticket Here!

Hello there, and welcome back. We are running a series of posts on H.R. 961 — The Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2019. The purpose of the Act is, "To prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the United States".  If successful, the resulting law will remove American horse… Continue reading Raffle Time — Get Your Ticket Here!

H.R. 961 — The A States

Help us win cosponsors for H.R. 961, federal legislation banning horse slaughter. Our target: 290 cosponsors so we can bypass the Committees its in, and make a Motion to place bill on the Consensus Calendar. Please note that this is a bipartisan issue meaning it is neither a Republican nor a Democratic cause. To find… Continue reading H.R. 961 — The A States

Saving America’s horses from slaughter

By Marty Irby America was built on the backs of horses, and in September, there was a milestone achieved in our effort to acknowledge the role that horses have played in our culture and stop the egregious abuse of these magnificent animals. A bill to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption — known… Continue reading Saving America’s horses from slaughter

U.S. Agribusiness lobbying hard for return of horse slaughter

Fund Horse, US Flag and Capitol Dome. Vivian Grant Farrell.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Meat peddlers in the U.S. are happy. Why? In a word. China. While trying to put together some statistics on U.S. meat production and consumption during Meat Out for Mustangs, a meat man made this remark to Tuesday's Horse, "The meat industry here [U.S.] could care less if the entire English speaking world… Continue reading U.S. Agribusiness lobbying hard for return of horse slaughter

Ending horse slaughter: A glimmer of hope on the Hill

Fund Horse, US Flag and Capitol Dome. Vivian Grant Farrell.

Rep. Earl Blumenhauer (D-OR) wrote the following in his April 26, 2017 newsletter entitled "Ending horse slaughter: A glimmer of hope on the Hill", and taken those words right out of our mouths. These are strange times in our nation’s capital, with looming discussions of government shutdowns and tax giveaways for the wealthy. In this… Continue reading Ending horse slaughter: A glimmer of hope on the Hill