Wild Horse and Burro Letter to the 117th Congress

Regarding Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act Implementation by BLM-USDI and USFS-USDA Dear Reader, It is important for us to be knowledgeable when defending our wild horses and burros. We post the following letter by Craig Downer addressed to the 117th Congress to help inform and support your actions on behalf of America's wild horses… Continue reading Wild Horse and Burro Letter to the 117th Congress

Take action for wild horses

Help end conflicts between wild horses and public land ranchers The Voluntary Grazing Retirement Act — H.R. 5737 — would benefit wild horses and burros by providing another way to settle land and resource conflicts. H.R. 5737 would also allow third parties, like wild horse or environmental organizations, to compensate livestock grazing permittees who choose… Continue reading Take action for wild horses

Wild horse killings leave Arizona community on edge

Heber Wild Horse. iStock image.

TAKE ACTION! DENVER, March 6 (UPI) — Someone has been shooting wild horses in a national forest near Heber-Obergaard, Ariz., for the last 16 months, and the unsolved crimes are tearing apart the small community. Some 35 horses have been found dead in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, with most of them killed by bullets, authorities… Continue reading Wild horse killings leave Arizona community on edge

March 16 the deadline to speak up for Heber Wild Horses

Three Heber Wild Horses.

HEBER, AZ — March 16 is the deadline for public comment on the fate of the Heber Wild Horses. Comment link and talking points at the end of this post. Why it is so important Last week, the Forest Service released its proposed management plan for the Heber Wild Horse Territory. It includes plans to limit… Continue reading March 16 the deadline to speak up for Heber Wild Horses

Heber Wild Horse group responds to the USFS regarding killings

Cross-posted from the White Mountain Independent by MARY HAUSER (May 28, 2019)  — The Heber Wild Horses Freedom Preservation Alliance is a grassroots group that advocates to keep the Heber herd in the wild and protected as is mandated by federal law. Being boots on the ground in the forest, keeping track of the horses… Continue reading Heber Wild Horse group responds to the USFS regarding killings

Urgent Alert! Devil’s Garden wild horses need you

Cloud the Stallion watches over his territory. The Cloud Foundation. VIA THE CLOUD FOUNDATION Devil’s Garden Horses and Adopters need your help! Dear friends, Nearly 1,000 Devil’s Garden wild horses captured in October’s round up are in danger of being sold for slaughter. Despite public opposition and California law, which makes it a felony to… Continue reading Urgent Alert! Devil’s Garden wild horses need you

Arizona House passes bill protecting Salt River Horses

Salt River Wild Horses

PHOENIX (AP) — The House approved a measure that would offer protections to the herd of wild horses living near Arizona's Salt River. Rep. Kelly Townsend of Mesa is sponsoring a proposal that would place the herd of about 100 horses under care of the Arizona Department of Agriculture. The measure comes after the U.S.… Continue reading Arizona House passes bill protecting Salt River Horses

Groups sue US Forest Service over wild horses

Cross-posted from SFGate.com ALTURAS, Calif. (AP) — Animal advocates have filed a lawsuit to prevent the U.S. Forest Service from rounding up many of the remaining wild horses in California's Modoc National Forest. The plaintiffs said in a statement Monday that the government agency's plan to eliminate about 40 square miles of territory and reduce… Continue reading Groups sue US Forest Service over wild horses

Ft McDermitt unbranded wild horses saved

Team effort secures a future for slaughter bound mustangs CLOUD FOUNDATION PRESS RELEASE RENO, Nev. (August 23, 2013) -- On Wednesday US District Court Judge, Miranda Du, lifted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) which allowed for the sale of 149 unbranded wild horses captured by the Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Tribe in northern Nevada.… Continue reading Ft McDermitt unbranded wild horses saved

Judge grants TRO to stop sale of wild horses

Order could delay tomorrow’s sale of nearly 500 horses at Fallon Livestock Exchange JOINT PRESS RELEASE RENO, Nev, (August 16, 2013) -- A federal court judge in Reno, NV has granted a coalition of wild horse advocacy and conservation groups a Temporary Restraining Order to block the sale of unbranded horses at a slaughter auction… Continue reading Judge grants TRO to stop sale of wild horses