Olympic champion horses up for sale

Charlotte Du Jardin Valegro and Valegro. AP Photo.
Charlotte Du Jardin Valegro and Valegro. AP Photo.
Charlotte Dujardin of Great Britain celebrates after riding her horse, Valegro, to team dressage gold at the 2012 Olympics in London. AP Photo.

We haven’t said much about the Olympics, but here’s how fast people can turn horses around once they are done with them.

Yep. Harsh words. And it would be unfair not to mention that it is typical of horses’ lives that they changes hands a few and often many times. But, boy, was that quick.

Yahoo! Sports reports:

LONDON – Three Olympic champions were put up for sale on Wednesday, available to the highest bidder with a reserve price of a mere $30 million.

The names of Valegro, Uthopia, and Alf might be unfamiliar to most Olympic Games viewers. Moreover, these three victors didn’t even get rewarded for their triumphs with an official gold medal.

That’s because they’re horses.

The trio clinched the equestrian dressage team title for Great Britain – with a bit of help from some highly skilled riders, of course – and are now being sold off for what is certain to be an eye-catching sum.

It is possible that the horses could be bought as a package. Yahoo! Sports understands that interest has already been expressed by “an Arabian royal,” according to a source, but unless a bid of well over $30 million is made, the horses will go to auction.