15 best plant-based proteins

Here is more information on getting enough protein on a vegan diet. I keep getting this from folks and it seems to be holding them up quite a bit from going vegan. Please do not let it. But remember it may seem a bit weird to start with — big changes usually do — especially… Continue reading 15 best plant-based proteins

Vegan explosion

Smiling girl holding small chalkboard with Vegan written on it. Source: Unknown.

Yes, we are vegan (see Advocate From Your Plate™). And so are loads of our followers. They are requesting we do posts on the vegan lifestyle in addition to our recipe posts. We talked it over and said . . . okay, sure, why not? This is a timely moment to start. Veganism is having… Continue reading Vegan explosion

The difference between veganism and a plant-based diet

ADVOCATE FROM YOUR PLATE — Our Meat Out for Mustangs campaign has yielded a lot of interesting questions. One of the most common is what's the difference between veganism and a plant-based diet. In a nutshell, the difference between a plant-based diet and veganism as I understand it can be found in the title. A… Continue reading The difference between veganism and a plant-based diet