Vegan Thanksgiving 2021

Here are some tasty ideas for a stellar Vegan Thanksgiving. If you have a favourite Vegan recipe for Thanksgiving, please feel free to leave a link to it in comments. Are you ready? Let's go! Starter Main Course Vegan Richa says, "My Lentil Quinoa Loaf is super popular. Hearty with Lentils Quinoa and Veggies… Continue reading Vegan Thanksgiving 2021

Vegan mushroom and black bean burgers

by ILOVEVEGAN.COM (Brittany & William from Alberta, Canada). "In this recipe, I'm focusing on the food processor attachment with the chopping blade to chop all the veggies for my burgers," writes I Love Vegan. "There's lots of mushrooms, carrot, celery, red onion, and garlic, and I want them all chopped super fine and even. I'm also… Continue reading Vegan mushroom and black bean burgers

Vegan mushroom pepper Tostadillas

TOSTADAS MEET QUESADILLA — BY VEGAN RICHA Tostada meets quesadilla in these Mexican vegan mushroom pepper tostadillas! Tortillas baked in the oven until crunchy then filled with a spicy mushroom & bell pepper mix and cheese and baked again to reach crispy melty cheesy vegan tostada perfection. Here is what you will need (don’t run… Continue reading Vegan mushroom pepper Tostadillas

Homemade Oat Milk (Video)

Oat milk is a plant based milk derived from whole oat grains by extracting the plant material with water. Oat milk has a creamy texture and oatmeal-like flavor, is manufactured in a variety of flavors, and comes sweetened and unsweetened. Since oat milk is made from fiber-rich oats, it has higher levels of carbohydrates than other milk alternatives, but contains… Continue reading Homemade Oat Milk (Video)

Vegan Mango Lassi Popsicles

These vegan mango lassi popsicles make the perfect healthy and refreshing treat for summer! They take less than 10 minutes to prepare and only use 5 ingredients! Serve them at a party and everyone will be asking for the recipe. Recipe by Choosing Chia Ingredients 2 mangos1/2 cup orange juicejuice of 1 lime1 cup plain coconut yogurt (can substitute coconut cream… Continue reading Vegan Mango Lassi Popsicles

Vegan summer pappardelle with lemon-cashew cream

Source: Food and Home » INGREDIENTS LEMON-CASHEW CREAM150g cashew nuts375ml (1½ cups) waterjuice of ½ lemon½ tsp cayenne pepper½ tsp saltfreshly ground black pepper, to taste PAPPARDELLE4 medium zucchini, quartered lengthways16 small asparagus spears2 tbsp olive oilsalt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste1 x 280g jar artichoke hearts in oil, drained160g frozen petit pois… Continue reading Vegan summer pappardelle with lemon-cashew cream

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake Bites

Crunchy crust meets creamy coffee and chocolate layers in these raw vegan chocolate coffee cheesecake bites. Aside from being dangerously delicious, they’re almost too pretty to eat and super simple to make, as well. Once you taste this raw vegan dessert without coconut oil (!) you’ll want to make it again and again. And again.—… Continue reading Raw Vegan Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake Bites

Herbed potato salad recipe

By COOKIE AND KATE Cookie writes: I never truly loved a potato salad, until I made this one. This potato salad recipe is a riff on classic French potato salads, which contain no mayo and lots of herbs. I opted for lemon juice instead of vinegar for a super fresh-tasting salad. Unlike standard potato salads… Continue reading Herbed potato salad recipe

Perfect Vegan Dinner — Mushroom Stroganoff by Bret Cobley

Bret Cobley states: "This is my incredible vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe! Its a tangy delicious dish full of flavour. Check out @epivegan on instagram for more inspiration." It is indeed tangy and delicious, and very rich in flavour. The richest we have ever come across. Luxuriously so. Yummmmm! We feel certain you will love it.… Continue reading Perfect Vegan Dinner — Mushroom Stroganoff by Bret Cobley

Six vegan smoothie bowl recipes (YouTube)

Smoothie bowls are so wonderfully easy. Here's a favourite YouTube video of ours that shows you six delicious way to make them. From Alexandra Andersson. Oh, and adjust your volume before clicking. Enjoy! Let us know how you get on! And share some of your faves too. Here's a link to Alexandra's YouTube Channel… Continue reading Six vegan smoothie bowl recipes (YouTube)