Can a mixed vegan marriage work?

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I think we can answer that question — with a YES! Like all relationships, issues must be worked out. Some issues will get agreed on quickly and moved out of the way. Some issues will attend the whole life of the marriage, or partnership. Food and Drink What is more basic than what we eat… Continue reading Can a mixed vegan marriage work?

No Meat May

Join us for No Meat May founded by Australian and former meat head Ryan Alexander. We have highlighted various campaigns like this before, our most popular ever being our very own Meat Out for Mustangs. 1000s of you pledged and kicked meat to the curb for an entire month, and never looked back, you felt… Continue reading No Meat May

8 totally cool and tasty recipes for homemade vegan popsicles

MEAT OUT FOR MUSTANGS — We agreed to continue Meat Out for Mustangs every Monday until the wild horses remaining on public lands are left there with no further human interference and the ones held in captivity are either restored to their original HMAs or placed in strategically designed reserves. Our campaign was certainly timely.… Continue reading 8 totally cool and tasty recipes for homemade vegan popsicles

We have a wonderful turnout for Meat Out for Mustangs, May 2017

Wild horse helicopter roundup. National Geographic.

MEAT FOR MUSTANGS — Today is the first day of Meat Out for Mustangs, May 2017. How are you doing so far? Huh? Well, if you follow The Horse Fund by email you already have a good idea what this is about and completed a quick online form pledging your participation. Playing by numbers: USDA STATISTICS The USDA estimates… Continue reading We have a wonderful turnout for Meat Out for Mustangs, May 2017

Ten vegetables that can substitute for meat

ADVOCATE FROM YOUR PLATE ™ — Now you may not like all of these but you are bound to like some of them. If you are not quite ready to opt for the vegan way of eating at the moment, how about trying it one day a week, especially during the month of May when we… Continue reading Ten vegetables that can substitute for meat

AFYP: Burrito Bowl with Guacamole and Salsa

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Welcome to an "Advocate From Your Plate" recommended Vegan recipe. This burrito bowl is so fresh and tasty, and everybody loves it. Recipe courtesy of Reposted with permission! Chef Cathy says: "This recipe is very open to interpretation, so have fun with it and make it with all the ingredients and amounts that sound… Continue reading AFYP: Burrito Bowl with Guacamole and Salsa