After racehorse deaths at Fairmount, a trainer’s worst year

Cross-posted from St. Louis Today WRITTEN BY TODD FRANKEL Selected Excerpts COLLINSVILLE, Illinois -- Stall 67 was empty. It was being kept that way, a reminder of what went wrong. “Superstition,” horse trainer James R. Childers explained as he walked by the stalls that make up his stable on the backstretch at Fairmount Park Race… Continue reading After racehorse deaths at Fairmount, a trainer’s worst year

Salazar Plan a fail as BLM fears massive numbers of wild horses

Excerpt cross-posted from Denver Westward Blogs Written by ALAN PRENDERGAST | 14 June 2010 THE SALAZAR PLAN I read with interest the following paragraphs in a post entitled, "Ken Salazar: Frustration riding high over his wild horse plan." Declaring that the Bureau of Land Management's 40-year effort to protect and manage wild horses and burros… Continue reading Salazar Plan a fail as BLM fears massive numbers of wild horses

Horse Racing: How sound is my bet? It’s not.

Written by VIVIAN GRANT In the U.S., racehorses are bred for speed and little else. The small percentage of horses bred for racing who make it to the track are commonly given injury-masking or enhancing drugs and raced either to death, or to a condition where they can never be anything other than a yard… Continue reading Horse Racing: How sound is my bet? It’s not.

First Lady Mother’s Day campaign for wild mares launched

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Int'l Fund for Horses and The Cloud Foundation launch Mother's Day effort on behalf of captured Mustang mares Stop the roundups and respect our wild mothers WASHINGTON D.C. (May 4, 2010) ―The American wild horse crisis is filled with issues of animal cruelty and the world looks on and asks, "Why?" Currently… Continue reading First Lady Mother’s Day campaign for wild mares launched

Study says horses experience stress before slaughter

It appears that horse slaughter is now part of the "happy meat" spin. "Happy meat" refers to the current marketing campaign by animal agriculture promoting the idea to consumers that if food animals are happy before they are slaughtered, then their meat is happy and people can feel happy about eating it. Whoa, please. At… Continue reading Study says horses experience stress before slaughter

Horse Slaughter Rap (video)

Horse Slaughter Rap asks "Why are you doing this to our horses?" and questions the motives of individuals, groups and politicians working to ensure horse slaughter continues. The language is mildly graphic; the images, however, are strongly graphic, but occur only occasionally, and fast edited into the video. Help end horse slaughter. We are working… Continue reading Horse Slaughter Rap (video)

Happy horse meat? I think not.

by VIVIAN GRANT Happy Meat I was shocked when I learned Peta gave an award to Temple Grandin for anything, let alone for making animal death factories more "compassionate." Major animal rights groups have become little more than consultants to animal agriculture, advocating that so long as animal suffering is lessened before they are brutally… Continue reading Happy horse meat? I think not.

Christmas for Horses

By VIVIAN GRANT President The Fund for Horses, Int'l Fund for Horses and Fund for Horses Charities -------------------------------------------- CHRISTMAS FOR HORSES Now that the Christmas season is in full swing, here are some ideas on how you can make it special for horses and the people who protect and care for them. Charities such as… Continue reading Christmas for Horses

Horse on the Hill: August 19, 2008 (US)

By VIVIAN GRANT Last Congress, the first two years of Bush's second term and lead by Republicans, was called a "Do Nothing Congress." The current Congress, and the last two years of Bush's presidency, but now lead by Democrats after mid-term elections, is called the "Do Less Than Nothing Congress." Horse advocates have worked hard… Continue reading Horse on the Hill: August 19, 2008 (US)

Remembering the Horses of War

A Special Memorial Day Report By VIVIAN GRANT Following the end of the Civil War, many communities set aside a day to mark the end of the war and as a memorial to those who died. It is estimated that 1.5 million horses died in the Civil War. Not included formally, but most certainly in… Continue reading Remembering the Horses of War