USDA official slams horse groups hard

Horse Soring

Anyone who advocates for horses for any length of time will come to face with this issue -- whether a supporter of a horse protection organization or active in social media -- and that is a lack of unity, of working together for the good of the horse. It is not something one would expect… Continue reading USDA official slams horse groups hard

Help save the Placitas wild horses from the BLM

Cross-posted from Duke City Fix DAVID CRAMER writes: We are fortunate to have beautiful bands of horses roaming the hills north of Placitas on BLM land. These horses have been known to live free in this area since the 60s. No one is quite sure how they originally began as a herd of wild horses… Continue reading Help save the Placitas wild horses from the BLM

BLM and NM wild horses

By Nancy Tipton | Monday, 15 February 2010 09:51 Roundup of Horses near Placitas? This post on Duke City Fix caught my eye this morning. David Cramer writes that these horses have been living free in the area since the 1960s and most of those in the area now were born free in those hills.… Continue reading BLM and NM wild horses

Reward for wild horse killers grows (CAN)

By KATIE SCHNEIDER | Edmonton Sun | Posted May 4, 2009 CALGARY -- The senseless slaughter of four wild horses near Sundre has garnered international outrage, while the reward to catch their killer has grown again, to $25,000. The shooting deaths of four horses, including a foal about to be born, has struck a chord… Continue reading Reward for wild horse killers grows (CAN)