Unique ranch helps rehabilitate abused Mustangs

Wild Horse Rescue Center, Florida. Image: Orlando Sentinel.

Volunteers find purpose working with horses When Jorge Pousa volunteered eight months ago to put his strong back to good use at the Wild Horse Rescue Center, he expected to muck stalls and occasionally tackle fence repair. But Diane Delano, owner of the Webster-based nonprofit, knows a thing or two about matching humans with horses.… Continue reading Unique ranch helps rehabilitate abused Mustangs

Book Review — “Last Chance Mustang” by Mitchell Bornstein

Photo Credit: Stacey Wescott, Chicago Tribune)

Update: Congratulations to our winners of Win This Book — Erica Cole, Dina D'Argent and Ann Bennett. LAST CHANCE MUSTANG by Mitchell Bornstein Review by Vivian Grant Farrell I HAVE OFTEN wondered what happens to the tiny percentage of America's free-roaming wild horses the Bureau of Land Management occasionally adopt out to the public from… Continue reading Book Review — “Last Chance Mustang” by Mitchell Bornstein

For the love of a Mustang: Alex and Auggie

Guest Post By DEBBIE TONG In 2010 Alex Clements had hit rock bottom depression that she struggled with for many years. Her desperate mother asked if she had anything in the world she would like to pursue, and Alex replied that she had always wanted to go to Montana. She imagined miles of wide-open spaces… Continue reading For the love of a Mustang: Alex and Auggie

Are BLM selling wild horses directly to slaughterhouse dealers?

Wild Horses Scour for Hay. Photo: Susan Montoya Bryan / AP.

Investigative reporter Dave Philipps is doing what most journalists used to do, report in the public interest. On September 28, 2012, he released a report via Pro Publica relating to a wild horse and burro issue that is garnering a high degree of interest and not a little excitement around wild horse protection circles: Are… Continue reading Are BLM selling wild horses directly to slaughterhouse dealers?

Adopt a Calico Mustang. Must Act by June 15th.

Adopting a Calico Mustang may be One Thing You Can Do to Help Cross-posted from Equine Advocacy Examiner Written by MAUREEN HARMONAY While efforts to secure the return of the Calico mustangs to their rightful ranges have been unsuccessful to-date, it is still possible to protect the safety of individual horses before they are dispersed… Continue reading Adopt a Calico Mustang. Must Act by June 15th.

BLM approves mustang adoption incentive (US)

Cross-posted from Artesia News Local news from the Artesia Daily Press in Artesia, New Mexico and Eddy County ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP)/Apr. 25, 2009 at 7:32 am -- The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has approved a new program that it hopes will improve the chances of finding homes for older wild mustangs and defray the… Continue reading BLM approves mustang adoption incentive (US)

BLM finds homes for only 8 wild horses in Utah (US)

The AP reports: DELTA, Utah - Federal officials put more than 300 horses up for adoption over the weekend but only eight found new homes. The Bureau of Land Management frequently holds wild horse auctions around the West as a way to manage the herds. The 362 horses up for adoption on Saturday were from… Continue reading BLM finds homes for only 8 wild horses in Utah (US)