BLM rounds up 853 horses amid continuing safety concerns

By DENNIS WEBB, Aug 2, 2022 The Bureau of Land Management by the end of the weekend had rounded up more than 850 wild horses in an operation in Rio Blanco County amid continuing concerns about the safety of the animals. That concern was accentuated when some animals ran into an unmarked fence late last… Continue reading BLM rounds up 853 horses amid continuing safety concerns

BLM Director Makes More Empty Promises

Here's is what Brooke Boone of MyNews4 Reno reports: Controversy has been swirling around how the Bureau of Land Management rounds up wild horses. It's partly stemming from video and pictures of helicopters buzzing horses. The BLM found no wrong-doing over a controversial incident near Ely. But, it seems they are looking to change their… Continue reading BLM Director Makes More Empty Promises

So called experts say BLM not hurting wild horses, really

Written by JADED MARE Oh, look. Yet another equine protection organization who sounds as if they are anything but. Who they are, we don't care, because the BLM are willing to listen to them and their appointed mouthpieces on how to be cruel to wild horses and get away with it even more by having… Continue reading So called experts say BLM not hurting wild horses, really