BLM investigates death of 19 wild horses at inmate program facility

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW. Oh, look. 19 wild horses found dead in Interior Secretary Ken Salzar's home state of Colorado. The horses were part of an inmate training program. Local Colorado NBC News Ch. 11 reports: A mystery is unfolding at a wild horse inmate program facility in Cañon City. Bureau of Land Management officials… Continue reading BLM investigates death of 19 wild horses at inmate program facility

First death at Calico roundup must be accounted for states Protect Mustangs

PROTECT MUSTANGS PRESS RELEASE Brought in from home on the range—mustang is killed for being old RENO (November 23, 2011)—Wild horse advocate and photographer, Cat Kindsfather, attended the first day of the Calico roundup near Gerlach, Nevada—in the land of Burning Man—on November 19. She witnessed an exhausted older palomino mare, she named Old Gold,… Continue reading First death at Calico roundup must be accounted for states Protect Mustangs

So called experts say BLM not hurting wild horses, really

Written by JADED MARE Oh, look. Yet another equine protection organization who sounds as if they are anything but. Who they are, we don't care, because the BLM are willing to listen to them and their appointed mouthpieces on how to be cruel to wild horses and get away with it even more by having… Continue reading So called experts say BLM not hurting wild horses, really

Distemper outbreak kills wild horses at Herriman center

Cross-posted from The Salt Lake Tribune Written by BRANDON LOOMIS Federal wild-horse managers are suspending adoptions from their Herriman center and placing a quarantine on about 500 animals because of an equine-distemper outbreak. Eleven horses have died — some on their own and some from euthanasia after being badly stricken — and two- or three-dozen… Continue reading Distemper outbreak kills wild horses at Herriman center

How about a Bureau of Horse Management

If the BLM can afford to run them into the ground, I believe it would make sense to hire a few horsemen on horseback and have water drops into water barrels along the way and do this without killing one horse. -- Pat Maus , Reno, Nevada This is a quote the Silver Pen award… Continue reading How about a Bureau of Horse Management

Sue Cattoor tries to explain deadly wild horse roundup activities

Cross-posted from CBS News Channel 8 Las Vegas Written by GEORGE KNAPP LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Aug. 2, 2010) -- The contractor for the Bureau of Land Management is denying they are intentionally keeping wild horse advocates from observing roundups. A federal judge ordered the BLM to give Laura Leigh access to a roundup at the… Continue reading Sue Cattoor tries to explain deadly wild horse roundup activities

Become a humane observer for our wild horses

Cross-posted from Straight from the Horses' Heart Tax Paying American Citizens have had Enough of BLM “BS” Written by R. T. FITCH Over the past several months many readers have asked, “How can I help, how can I make a difference in the effort to save our Wild Horses?” Well now is your chance. Herd… Continue reading Become a humane observer for our wild horses

Mustang Monday: February 22, 2010

We appreciate everyone is busy, and it is Monday. However, . . . . Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is asking for more money, millions of your taxpayer dollars, from the Appropriations Cmte this Wednesday, to continue paying for the atrocities the BLM are committing unchecked against our wild horses and burros. You know the tragic… Continue reading Mustang Monday: February 22, 2010

Wild Horse Rallies

MARCH FOR MUSTANGS STOP THE ROUNDUPS. STOP THE DESTRUCTION. INVESTIGATE THE BLM. When: Thursday, March 25th Time: 1:00-3:00pm, Press conference and speakers at 1:30pm (Filmmaker/Advocate Ginger Kathrens, Author RT FItch and many more- including special guests to be announced) Where: Lafayette Park (northside of Whitehouse, on H Street between 15th and 17th Streets, NW). At… Continue reading Wild Horse Rallies