Our wild horses fill a valuable niche (US)

Wild horses love Craig Downer, and have appointed him as their chief science spock type officer. He put together some really smart words about them, but the BLM choose to ignore these cause they don't know what to do really but do not want anybody to help them, except to put them all to sleep… Continue reading Our wild horses fill a valuable niche (US)

Wild Horse Euthanasia Decision Postponed by BLM (US)

PAT RAIA writes the following for The Horse.com: ------------------- The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) isn't likely to make a decision regarding the use of euthanasia in wild horse herd management until the end of the year, a spokesman said. The euthanasia option decision was originally expected to come shortly after the fall meeting of… Continue reading Wild Horse Euthanasia Decision Postponed by BLM (US)

No longer home on the range

Kill them, corral them, or let them run free—what's to be done with America's wild mustangs? Should mustangs be slaughtered? Our readers' views. By Tony Dokoupil | Newsweek Web Exclusive Jul 14, 2008 | Updated: 10:04 a.m. ET Jul 14, 2008 Photograph: Getty Images (not filed with original story) If you drew up a list… Continue reading No longer home on the range

They shoot horses, don’t they? (Wild Horses: US)

Overrun U. S. federal agency says euthanasia an option By MARY VALLIS, National Post Published: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 The spirit of America has long been symbolized by the wild horses that gallop across its plains, so much so that the federal government enacted legislation to protect them back in the '70s. But now, the… Continue reading They shoot horses, don’t they? (Wild Horses: US)