Wild horse lawsuit update

Plaintiffs Seek Return of 1,900 Captured Horses to Range Cross-posted from The Desert Independent Written by ROBERT WINKLER Washington, D.C. – Final oral arguments were presented May 6th in Federal court in the lawsuit over the Calico wild horse captures in Nevada. The Calico lawsuit filed against the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) and the… Continue reading Wild horse lawsuit update

Wild horse controversy heads back to federal court

Cross-posted from The Daily Record | March 8, 2010 WASHINGTON - Americans were outraged two years ago when federal officials threatened to kill more than 10,000 wild mustangs running free throughout the West. So when Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced last fall that the Obama administration had no intention of carrying out the Bush administration's… Continue reading Wild horse controversy heads back to federal court

Lawsuit seeks control of Oregon wild horses (US)

By JADED MARE So, I missed this last week. A couple of old cow farts (my opinion -- I do not know them and they may not be old), are suing the almighty US government because horses are eating up everything in Oregon and now their moo-moos do not have any place to dine out… Continue reading Lawsuit seeks control of Oregon wild horses (US)