Wild horse allies: BLM panel stacked against them

Captured Mustangs nuzzle for comfort. Image / Elyse Gardner.

Via the Associated Press Scott Sonner writes: RENO, Nev. - (Feb. 12, 2012) Wild horse protection advocates are accusing the federal Bureau of Land Management of stacking a public advisory board with friends of cattle ranchers at the expense of mustangs, and warning that the panel is increasingly sympathetic to the idea of slaughtering excess… Continue reading Wild horse allies: BLM panel stacked against them

Wild Horses Need Our Voices Video Released

"Wild Horses Need Our Voices" by Grey Beard Bandit is now a video on YouTube. There are two actions you can take to help. First, view the video. Think your click doesn't matter? Of course it does. The more views it gets, the more prominent it will be, and more awareness it will raise. The… Continue reading Wild Horses Need Our Voices Video Released