Las Vegas wild horse protest roundup

THE CLOUD FOUNDATION REPORT FEB 18, 2010 LAS VEGAS WILD HORSE & BURRO PROTEST With much hard work and determination, wild horse advocates were able to get four up close encounters with President Obama in his motorcade. Each time, they were holding different versions of the awesome banners that Arlene has produced and they are… Continue reading Las Vegas wild horse protest roundup

iFH calls for Presidential Pardon of Calico Mustangs

OBAMA: FREE THE CALICO MUSTANGS We call on you to call on behalf of the Calico Mustangs. Your calls, letters, email and faxes are working! Please keep it up. Public Viewing of Incarcerated Mustangs Denied Despite the enormous cost to the American taxpayers and the controversial nature of the roundup, the BLM and the Department… Continue reading iFH calls for Presidential Pardon of Calico Mustangs