Colorado sheriff opens wild horse investigation

Cross-posted from The Gazette WRITTEN BY DAVE PHILIPPS After months of false starts, state authorities have opened a formal criminal investigation into Tom Davis, a southern Colorado wild horse buyer who admitted to breaking state laws while shipping hundreds of federally protected wild horses to an unknown fate out of state. Last week, the Conejos… Continue reading Colorado sheriff opens wild horse investigation

Feds rein in sales of wild horses

Wild Horses rounded up by federal agency Bureau of Land Management. Google image.nded up by federal government agency, Bureau of Land Management. Google image.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CARSON CITY, Nev. –- Sales of wild horses and burros will be restricted under new rules announced Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management after an investigation into the sale of more than 1,700 horses to a Colorado livestock hauler who supports the horse meat industry. "It is a response to… Continue reading Feds rein in sales of wild horses

Are BLM selling wild horses directly to slaughterhouse dealers?

Wild Horses Scour for Hay. Photo: Susan Montoya Bryan / AP.

Investigative reporter Dave Philipps is doing what most journalists used to do, report in the public interest. On September 28, 2012, he released a report via Pro Publica relating to a wild horse and burro issue that is garnering a high degree of interest and not a little excitement around wild horse protection circles: Are… Continue reading Are BLM selling wild horses directly to slaughterhouse dealers?