NV Mustang shooters forfeit licenses for trapping

How do people arrive at the type of thinking that compels them to behave in this way? The trapping law these two Mustang murderers violated is "failure to visit steel leg-hold traps within 96 hours — a state law intended to help minimize the suffering of animals whose feet are snared in the spring-loaded, metal… Continue reading NV Mustang shooters forfeit licenses for trapping

Shooting charges dropped in Sundre wild horse case

This is a very odd story. It is still unclear how this wild pregnant mare died. Cross-posted from the Calgary Herald Written by LICIA CORBELLA Three men charged with the slaying of a wild, pregnant horse near Sundre were completely exonerated in provincial court Wednesday morning. Crown prosecutor Gord Haight told court that new information… Continue reading Shooting charges dropped in Sundre wild horse case

Alberta’s controversial wild horses

Cross-posted from Global Edmonton 16:9 WRITTEN BY CAROLYN JAVIS, GAIA WILLIS-OWEN Wild horses still roam free in Alberta’s foothills. Small herds of hardy survivors, their coats still shaggy against the winter elements – they are a picturesque reminder of Canada’s Wild West past. These horses seem like a natural fit out west, but not everyone… Continue reading Alberta’s controversial wild horses

Six months for Nevada wild horse killers

Cross-posted from The Washington Post via the Associated Press Written by SCOTT SONNER RENO, Nev. (Nov 3, 2010) -- A federal judge ordered prison time for two men who admitted to using wild horses as target practice but sought leniency Wednesday, telling them that "drunken and boneheaded is not an excuse" for the crime. "I… Continue reading Six months for Nevada wild horse killers

Two men charged with Mustang killings in NV change plea to guilty

Wild Horse Shootings Spur International Outcry Reno, NV (June 16, 2010)—The Cloud Foundation has learned that Todd Davis and Joshua Keathley changed their pleas this morning from not guilty to guilty, waiving their planned trial in the case of shooting five free-roaming horses in northwestern Nevada (about 40 miles southeast of Cedarville, California). The pleas… Continue reading Two men charged with Mustang killings in NV change plea to guilty

$12,000 reward for information on wild horse killings

BY MIKE HOLTZCLAW | 757-928-6479 | Newport News, Virginia The reward just got richer in the hunt for information on the 2001 and 2005 wild horse shootings on the Outer Banks. The Corolla Wild Horse fund has had a standing offer of $9,500 in the case, and this week the Humane Society of the United… Continue reading $12,000 reward for information on wild horse killings