Australian government targets wild horses for removal

Cross-posted from Horse Talk News Call for new path over brumby control A horse welfare group has called for a new approach to brumby control, as a report shows growing numbers in Australia's Greater Alpine National Park. The Australian Brumby Alliance says a recent report on wild horse numbers highlights the need to monitor impacts… Continue reading Australian government targets wild horses for removal

Horseman tries to muster funds to save war brumbies (AU)

Cross-posted from Brisbane Times By DEBRA JOPSON IN the heart of Western Australia, south of the Little Sandy Desert and west of the Gibson Desert, a mob of horses linked to one of the nation's greatest moments lives under threat of death. The Sydney horticulturalist and horseman Sonny Bullen worries that many of these ''walers'',… Continue reading Horseman tries to muster funds to save war brumbies (AU)

Wild horse groups continue efforts to end “brumby running” (AU)

Cross-posted by HorseTalkNZ The Victorian Brumby Association (VBA) has met with the RSPCA in Melbourne to discuss its ongoing efforts to end the controversial trapping technique called "brumby running". Brumby running is a traditional method of capture where wild horses are roped from horseback, often at full gallop. The VBA reported said last year that… Continue reading Wild horse groups continue efforts to end “brumby running” (AU)

Brumby runners give ‘sanctuary’ (AU)

By MATT WINDLEY Herald Morning Sun (AU) | June 09, 2008 12:00am DALLAS Orchard may still be a few days short of his third birthday, but the pint-sized cowboy is ready to carry on the family tradition of brumby runners. Dallas' family has opened a brumby sanctuary in Benambra, 250km northeast of Melbourne, and the… Continue reading Brumby runners give ‘sanctuary’ (AU)

Pet plan to avoid horse cull (AU)

The following story was filed by MICHAEL WRAY and SOPHIE ELSWORTH for the Courier Mail MANY of Queensland's brumbies could be turned into pets and sold to pay for the management of wild horses, it was claimed yesterday. The Courier-Mail revealed on Saturday that the state has been planning to covertly conduct one of the… Continue reading Pet plan to avoid horse cull (AU)