BLM conclude herd destroying wild horse roundups in Wyoming

Cross-posted from the Casper Star-Tribune via Billings Gazette Written by JEFF GEARINO GREEN RIVER, Wyo. (Nov 16, 2010) -- Federal cowboys completed one of the largest wild horse roundups in Wyoming history Saturday, gathering 2,269 horses during the month-long capture operation. Bureau of Land Management wranglers returned 275 horses to the range. Officials said nine… Continue reading BLM conclude herd destroying wild horse roundups in Wyoming

What wild horses mean to a Wyoming man

Art Giles keeps in regular correspondence while working with us on the wild horse and burro issue. He is wonderful man from Wyoming whose memories of the wild horses go back seven decades. Mr. Giles has given us permission to post his most recent comments here. He also sent one of his favorite pictures, above.… Continue reading What wild horses mean to a Wyoming man

Enough wild horses already (US)

By VIVIAN GRANT There are some insanely stupid ramblings from the Buffoonery of Land Management out there, and we won't link to all of them in case you go away and never come back. One has to gasp yet again at what they are trying to pass off as intelligence. I guess I am just… Continue reading Enough wild horses already (US)

BLM halts Wyo wild horse roundups

By WHITNEY ROYSTER Star-Tribune environmental reporter Tuesday, filed this story today: JACKSON -- Federal spending restrictions and poor range conditions in Nevada have halted wild horse roundups in Wyoming, drawing the ire of Gov. Dave Freudenthal. The governor sent a letter to BLM officials this week blasting the decision to shift funding for wild horse… Continue reading BLM halts Wyo wild horse roundups