Love Story — William Shatner and his new book ‘Spirit of the Horse’

ABOUT HORSES — Jaym Gates of NPR Illinois writes a cool review of William Shatner's book called "Spirit of the Horse: A Celebration of Fact and Fable" stating: I think there are two things that unite horse people above all else: love of a complex animal, and a deep appreciation for story. From the first… Continue reading Love Story — William Shatner and his new book ‘Spirit of the Horse’

William Shatner annual charity horse show

Save the Date: April 26, 2008 It is nearly that time again when William Shatner produces a remarkable display of equine showmanship in aid of children's charities, the Hollywood Charity Horse Show. The welcome page of the show's website tells us this: "For the past eighteen years, William Shatner has spearheaded the HCHS to raise… Continue reading William Shatner annual charity horse show