Detroit-based company to continue funding Detroit police horses

The unit has a long history of police work dating all the way back to 1893. • Click on Detroit reports: The Detroit Police Department's mounted unit is one of the oldest in the country, and it will be around for at least the next three years thanks to a funding commitment that was announced… Continue reading Detroit-based company to continue funding Detroit police horses

Horses begin their annual return to Mackinac Island

I love how they make it sound like it's the horses' idea! What they should say is that people are beginning their annual return of horses to Mackinac Island. And no, we are not against everything, just most things. —Editor. Cross-posted from They say: MACKINAC ISLAND, MI -- Teams of horses began to return… Continue reading Horses begin their annual return to Mackinac Island

Arabbers acquitted of most serious charges

As usual there is no one to speak up for the horses. —Editor Cross-posted by the Baltimore Sun By JESSICA ANDERSON A Baltimore district judge acquitted six arabbers Friday of the most serious charges stemming from an inspection at a Hollins Market horse stable last year. Judge Nicole Pastore-Klein made the ruling on abuse and… Continue reading Arabbers acquitted of most serious charges

Horse Watch: Interesting Links

Wild Horses: Randy Harris Photo

Read. Talk. Monday, Monday all day long. WILD HORSES The horse news making the rounds the most since last week is still about those 1,700 American Mustangs (there are certainly a lot more than that) sold for slaughter via then U.S. Interior Secretary Salazar and his friend and/or employee, past and/or present, Tom Davis. If… Continue reading Horse Watch: Interesting Links

Born of the Pyramids, Rocky’s Story

GUEST POST BY SUSAN RICHARDS-BENSON Author, "Born of the Pyramids, Rocky's Story" As horse enthusiasts, we generally like to imagine that our ponies are primped, pampered and always ready to go. That’s not always the case, but in reality for the majority of us we are lucky to have well-fed and well taken care of… Continue reading Born of the Pyramids, Rocky’s Story

Mustang Police Horse Abby has died

PRESS RELEASE The Mono County Sheriff’s Office is saddened to report the loss of one of our mounted team members, Abby, the Mustang Police Horse. Abby had a 17-year career span as a mounted patrol horse with partner Lt. Phil West. Abby was a former wild mustang, foaled in 1991, and gathered from the BLM… Continue reading Mustang Police Horse Abby has died

No horsing around: Bogotá wants horse-drawn carts off the streets

By Sibylla Brodzinsky, Correspondent / September 30, 2013 Cross-posted from The Christian Science Monitor Go to Source Article BOGOTÁ, Colombia Dawn had barely arrived and already Jaime Castro had put in a long day. Mr. Castro and his horse, Lucifer, had set out from his home in a poor neighborhood of Colombia’s capital around 2… Continue reading No horsing around: Bogotá wants horse-drawn carts off the streets

Help us help carriage horses beat heat and abuse this summer

TOO HOT TO TROT Temperatures in many parts of the US are already unseasonably high, and a long hot summer predicted for much of the nation and our neighbors to the north. We are highly concerned about carriage horses who may be forced to work in weather too hot for them, perhaps without enough water,… Continue reading Help us help carriage horses beat heat and abuse this summer

Cache farm still runs on horse power (Ut)

STORY BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LOGAN — Cache County farmer LaMar Ashby isn't worried about the impact of rising fuel prices on his family farm. His tractors don't run on diesel — they run on hay. Kate and Anne, two 7-year-old Belgian draft horses, plow the fields for planting, do the harrowing, side-raking and haul… Continue reading Cache farm still runs on horse power (Ut)

Who will hold their horses?

City angers arabbers, denying their retired animals a home KELLY BREWINGTON, writing for the Baltimore Sun, filed this report: The Baltimore institution of vendors hawking produce from colorful horse-drawn wagons is about to receive a major makeover, but some involved with the city's 19th-century tradition are unhappy with the proposed changes. In August, officials condemned… Continue reading Who will hold their horses?