Horse Racing 2019 Year in Review

Mongolian Groom. Sports Illustrated image.

JANUARY With 10 horses suffering catastrophic injuries in January 2019 at celebrated Santa Anita Park in California, horse racing got off to an unusually bad start. Over the course of the year, horse deaths became the prevailing national horse racing story, culminating with the death of Mongolian Groom in the Breeders’ Cup Classic on November… Continue reading Horse Racing 2019 Year in Review

Horse Soring 2019 Year in Review

Image from 2015 HSUS Horse Soring Investigation.

Horse "soring" is when humans intentionally injure horses' hooves or legs causing them so much pain they step higher in an exaggerated gait prized in "Big Lick" show rings. U.S. LEGISLATION — H.R.693 January 22, 2019 A strong team of bipartisan lawmakers reintroduced a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives (U.S. House) to end… Continue reading Horse Soring 2019 Year in Review

Horse Slaughter Year in Review 2016

Horses held in a pen awaiting export for slaughter to Mexico. Photo by Kathy Milani for HSUS.

(Updated 9:57 pm). The Horse Fund's "Horse Slaughter Year in Review 2016" has arrived. We have sections on how slaughter is impacting the lives of the horses in North America. We have sections on regulation, legislation and what drives it all — the human appetite for horse meat, and those willing to supply it legally… Continue reading Horse Slaughter Year in Review 2016