China hold horse fights in Lunar New Year battles

Horse fighting is a spectacle put on in countries like China, S. Korea and the Philippines (where it is illegal). The Year of the Horse is stimulating even more of these barbaric events in China. Conducted in front of cheering crowds, blood, gore, and gambling is prevalent. Yahoo Sports reports: Tiantou Village (China) (AFP) -… Continue reading China hold horse fights in Lunar New Year battles

2014 and the Year of the Horse

I found the following information by writer, tarot reader and astrology consultant, Susan Levitt. Levitt is giving her annual Chinese New Year talk, Friday evening January 24, 2014 at 7:30 pm at East West Books, 324 Castro Street in Mountain View, California. As Susan explains, the Year of the Wood Horse (more on that later)… Continue reading 2014 and the Year of the Horse