Film at Newport Festival 4/26 Exposes Zeroing Out & Slaughter of Wild Horses

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Amongst a shroud of BLM secrecy, national protests and alleged wild horse killers in Reno court on Tuesday, filmmaker exposes plan to zero out American wild horses and the dirty slaughter secret

Stars speak out to save iconic wild mustangs in new documentary at Newport Beach Film Festival tonight

Los Angeles, CA (April 26, 2010)—With the American mustang crisis in the news worldwide, award-winning Native American filmmaker, James Anaquad-Kleinert brings his star-studded environmental film, Disappointment Valley … A Modern Day Western, featuring Sheryl Crow, Viggo Mortensen and Daryl Hannah to Newport.

The film screens at the Newport Beach Film Festival today at 6:30 p.m. at Edward Island Theatre in Fashion Island. To purchase tickets and for information visit or arrive one hour before the screening to purchase tickets.

The Press and public are invited to the post-screening Q & A for interviews and discussion about the film and wild horse issues in the news. Tokala Clifford-Black Elk, Native American actor, and James Anaquad-Kleinert will address the press. More information about the film can be found at

Disappointment Valley explains the reasons why we are seeing massive wild horse & burro roundups and why these majestic, beautiful, iconic creatures are being threatened and facing possible slaughter,” says Daryl Hannah.

“Killing wild horses, running brutal roundups and shipping them out the back door to slaughter has been going on for years. I’m grateful for people like Sheryl, Viggo, Daryl, Michael and Ginger of The Cloud Foundation for their support of my film,” says James Adaquad-Kleinert adding, “Disappointment Valley shows how wild horses are problematic for the “New Energy Frontier” —the public land grab going on right now. Since America’s wild mustangs cannot speak for themselves we’re getting the word out.” His short film, Wild Horse Spirit, was a pivotal part of the 2007 Emmy award-winning PBS series Natural Hero’s. Now, in Disappointment Valley, the filmmaker explores how the “New Energy Frontier” public land grab is forcing the mustangs out.

“These animals are so important. They tie us to our history. They are part of our heritage,” says Sheryl Crow emphasizing “They have no one to protect them other than us.”

“If the public could view what’s being done to wild horses, the public would stand up and take action,” states Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves.

Disappointment Valley documents the West’s legendary wild horses’ struggle for survival today. The film focuses on the stallion named Traveller, the activism used to save him from a horrible fate after he is caught in a roundup and the fight to release him back into the wild. Wild horses have long symbolized freedom, individualism and the free spirit of America. Through poignant interviews, the documentary delves into the reasons behind the massive wild horse roundups today and current impacts of oil, gas, mining and corporate cattle grazing on western public lands. Most shocking is the discovery of the legal loophole—known as the 2004 Burns Amendment—allowing America’s iconic wild mustangs to be sold for slaughter. Horse meat is sold abroad as a delicacy .

Some say Disappointment Valley is similar to the Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove except that the mustang film takes place here at home. Both feature documentaries expose slaughtering a beloved animal for human consumption unknown to the public at large.

James Anaquad-Kleinert has been working for seven years to bring this story out. Tonight he screens his work in progress at the Newport Film Festival in hopes of a distribution deal.

“Wild horses are living things who have a right to coexist in what is a vast landscape, which is the American West,” states Viggo Mortensen in Adaquad-Kleinert’s film adding, “Let’s do something about this!”

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5 thoughts on “Film at Newport Festival 4/26 Exposes Zeroing Out & Slaughter of Wild Horses”

  1. I saw James Kleinert’s documentary “Disappointment Valley” while in D.C. for the protest of our wild horse roundps. He did a fantastic job putting it all together and it really hit home with his documentation of the BLM’s indifference and mismanagement of these magnificent creatures. Our wild horses and burros are hurting no one and they must be protected for future generations. They have served us for many years, as history has shown, they deserve our support and protection now, before it’s too late.


  2. I wish I could be there tonight! Thank you for posting this!
    I hope this movie makes it BIG, and gets some much needed attention directed at the wildlands of this country and the animals living there!
    Politicians won’t budge unless they think we care enough, and too many people live too far removed from the giant natural wonders we have in this country.
    I cried watching the trailer. Man drops to frightening lows. I hope we can become a caring nation again.


  3. I hope this film gets huge! People have to hear the truth. Politicians have to think we want better! Thanks for annnouncing this! I cried watching the trailer. Human’s can be idiots!


  4. I hope this showing will make a difference among some very powerful people. To me one of the most telling phrases is “the devouring of the West”. What we see happening to the wild ones is a precursor of what’s to come for much of our land, as well as our shores. No region will be immune. We shouldn’t need to sacrifice the wild ones as “canaries in the coal mine” to wake our country up to what’s happening right in front of our faces.


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