Wyoming Wild Horses free on the open range, where they belong.

BLM approves proposal to kill 44,000 wild horses

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Advisory Board has voted a recommendation to euthanize the wild horses and donkey held in short and long-term holding facilities.

According to BLM calculations, there are 44,000 to 45,000 wild equines currently held in short and long-term holding facilities. The BLM further estimate that it cost the taxpayer over $49 million last year alone to warehouse the wild horses and burros removed from public lands.

No particulars were decided on methodology or timeframe for the destruction of the captive animals.

The Advisory Board made their recommendation nearly unanimously. Ginger Kathrens, founder of The Cloud Foundation, was the sole dissenting vote.


Branded. Liars and Killers — The BLM and Its Political Allies »

23 thoughts on “BLM approves proposal to kill 44,000 wild horses”

  1. Disgusting, foul and vile! Why must we always resort to killing as a means to control a situation? Killing solves nothing!! There has to be a humane solution somewhere and we just need to TAKE THE TIME to find and implement it!!

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    1. Agree. BLM and their political pimps have been biding their time and laying the groundwork. Of course they have threatened this before but not these kind of numbers. What I hate is they create these problems, blame the horses then try to use it as an excuse to murder them.

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  2. What I would like to know is how do the BLM plan to “euthanize” 44,000 horses? No matter how they do it, how do they then dispose of so many tons of dead animal? It is a logistical nightmare. We will never know the true numbers or how they do it if they are allowed to.

    This is sick even for them. The BLM created the problem now they want to murder innocent horses who are supposed to be federally protected.

    When I think of the Obama Administration I will always think of the wild horses and Ken Salazar and the death and destruction they caused.

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    1. No doubt, they will send them to slaughter – all taken care of. And of course there will be a cover-up which they will deny, just like everything else they deny. And once it’s all done, they’ll wipe their hands of it and the government won’t do a damn thing about it, even if it is uncovered. They are not held accountable now, I doubt anything will change.


  3. Madeline Pickens was willing to take 30,000 of the horses in holding – 30,000!! The BLM and the Ecko county of Nevada has put her through all kinds of hoops – then declined to work with her. She purchased and improved 13,000 acres of land in Ecko county Nevada. She put 25 million dollars of her money into that land for improvements. She ended up buying 600 horses bound for slaughter and released them on that land. Her plan for a tourist destination to see the horses is now shut down. It just goes on and on. Since these horses live as prisoners in holding facilities, wouldn’t releasing them on private sanctuaries be a better option than destroying them? Maybe now the BLM will consider Madeline’s option. The BLM advisory board is using the horses in holding as a pawn to get more money for the BLM to do the same thing they have been doing for years that hasn’t been working. I should mention too that Madeline’s private land also came with 600,000 acres of grazing rights, which the BLM would not allow her to use. I think the option of her being able to use that land is what got the local ranching community rallied against her. They all want to see the horses gone.

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    1. I’ve seen gelded stallions want to protect young fillies and have seen strong mares take care of geldings at an equine rescue. It would work, but they wouldn’t travel quite as much which would make ranching/oil companies yell louder. Blaming wild horses for riparian area damage has always been their rallying cry. What an absolute shame for not enforcing the Free Roam Act 1971.

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      1. Yes that old excuse concerning riparian area damage is an old one and a total lie. Wild horses in other countries have been re-introduced to balance ecosystems. Cows are not free-roaming. They graze down to the dirt and have to be moved. Thanks for pointing that out.

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        1. I’ve read that Holstein cows are from Switzerland where they like to stand in cool, moist soil near streams. They want to do the same on the hot, dry American ranges where wild horses will be blamed. I wonder if the wild horses who have been reintroduced in Spain to save their wild lands are intact?


  4. Releasing the horses back to their HMAs is the answer. Unfortunately, the BLM has already gelded stallions who will not behave as leaders of their families. The strong mares will take up the job of leading their families. I have already written my “hard of hearing” representatives and the administration who has traded off these wild horses’ lives for ranching/oil. Otherwise, to their credit, the administration has kept the horse slaughter people at bay which Trump will not do and Hillary is questionable. We have to continue to make noise, boycott beef and if everything else fails, sue them.

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    1. Amen to all you said. Trump would be worse for the horses, domestic and wild, but now I wonder about Hillary. I wish we could sue Presidents, Cabinet Members and so forth but they are protected and it’s almost impossible.

      We tried to impeach Bob Abbey. No one on the Hill would take us seriously. Reporters laughed at us too. Even though we had masses of evidence and thousands of voters who supported it we ran into a brick wall.

      Money talks. How do you ethically fundraise to buy off politicians? Must be what it takes but the truth doesn’t get you very far these days.

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      1. I’m refreshing my memory on Bob Abbey’s work as BLM Director and his involvement in public land sales — which never materialized regarding the sports stadium in Nevada. I’m sure he’s involved to his chin in other nefarious actions regarding our wild horses.


    2. Clinton has hired Ken Salazar for her transition team! He’s the former Sect of the Interior that sold Tom Davis all the mustangs for $10 each, he turned around, sold them straight to the KILL BUYERS.
      For that & only that I wiil NOT VOTE FOR HER!!!!!!


  5. Release them in a systematic fashion trying to keep families together. I DO NOT WANT MY TAXPAYER DOLLARS USED IN THIS WAY. To kill all the horses that BLM has put into holding cells – they should not have been rounded up in the first place. EVERYONE CONTACT OUR LEGISLATORS, PRES. OBAMA, AND HILLARY CLINTON AND DONALD TRUMP – AND THE OTHER CANDIDATES. WILL ANYONE OF THESE PEOPLE BE THERE FOR THE HORSES

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    1. Maybe the worst Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar re wild horses and burros, appointed by Obama, was finally ousted because he openly threatened a reporter who was trying to ask about BLM policies. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/13/ken-salazar-dave-philipps_n_2124212.html. Tom Davis who sold wild horses from holding pens for slaughter was an old ranch hand of Salazar’s.

      And now Hillary says she will appoint or has appointed Salazar to manage her Transition Team should she be elected President. http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-08-16/clinton-names-salazar-to-lead-white-house-transition-planning.

      What comedians they are. Look at this quote from the article:

      “The president [Obama] aspires to meet, if not exceed, that very high standard that was set by the Bush White House,” Earnest said.

      Salazar helped get Obama elected by giving him Colorado. What has he done for Hillary (or the Dems) I wonder that she would give this horrible man such a job? I hate it.

      I don’t want to vote for either of the Presidential candidates. Clinton of course has always been a strong supporter of banning horse slaughter. That’s the best I can say and it’s better than I can say about most.

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      1. Salazar might only be on Hillary’s transition team right now, but chances are he could wind up in a higher position should she get elected. George Soros has donated to her campaign and has also made campaign contributions to Salazar and Dirty Harry in the past, two well-known enemies of our wild horses. I don’t know what Soros’s position on wild horse and burro preservation is, but I would not be surprised if he has a way of influencing who winds up dictating environmental policy and, as a result, wild equine management. BTW, it’s the same Starry. I’m commenting using my new email, so my avatar looks different.


        1. Hello Starry. Always excellent to see you here. We appreciate this very informative comment. This is something to keep an eye on. What a shame America’s wild horses and burros have such entrenched enemies.

          Anyone who has been out to any of these herd areas see how vast they are and there is plenty of room, especially since wild horses are free-roaming moving from forage to forage and watering hole to watering hole. They keep moving and one of the many reasons they are vital to the ecosystem. It is sheer hatred and pure bloody mindedness plain and simple.


    2. Since the stallions were all gelded & sent to separate holding areas and the foals were removed elsewhere – I doubt its possible to put the families back together again. How sad that is. But I agree – if somehow there could be an area where they could live – free – and not continuously hassled by the BLM, ranchers, mining, or any other of the special interests that frankly are all responsible for this horrible miscarriage of any kind of justice. Doesn’t it seem like in all those millions of acres – the horses could have a small piece?

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