Read this Book — Sgt Reckless: America’s War Horse

Sgt Reckless: America’s War Horse
by Robin Hutton

A Mongolian mare who was bred to be a racehorse, Ah-Chim-Hai, or Flame-of-the-Morning, belonged to a young boy named Kim-Huk-Moon. In order to pay for a prosthetic leg for his sister, Kim made the difficult decision to sell his beloved companion.

Lieutenant Eric Pedersen purchased the bodacious mare and renamed her Reckless, for the Recoilless Rifles Platoon, Anti-Tank Division, of the 5th Marines she’d be joining.

The four-legged equine braved minefields and hailing shrapnel to deliver ammunition to her division on the frontlines. In one day alone, performing fifty-one trips up and down treacherous terrain, covering a distance of over thirty-five miles, and rescuing wounded comrades-in-arms, Reckless demonstrated her steadfast devotion to the Marines who had become her herd.

Despite only measuring about thirteen hands high, this pint-sized equine became an American hero.

Reckless was awarded two Purple Hearts for her valor and was officially promoted to staff sergeant twice, a distinction never bestowed upon an animal before or since.

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Photo: Horse is used to pull a caisson for burial ceremony of Korean War Veteran

An example of the many ways horses are used regarding the wars of man. We honor all who served.


A horse stands in front of the caisson during burial services for Korean War soldier US Army Cpl. David J. Wishon, Jr., of Baltimore, Md., Friday at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. Wishon was declared missing in action after his unit was heavily attacked by enemy forces in the vicinity of the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea in 1950. Alex Brandon/AP

Via the Christian Science Monitor here.

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Six Preciado Horses Disqualified From Parx Victories After Testing Positive For Clenbuterol

The Ray Paulick Report reports:

Six horses trained by Ramon Preciado have been disqualified from victories at Parx Racing in March and April after each of them tested positive for the bronchodilator clenbuterol.

Preciado, the Bensalem, Pa., racetrack’s leading trainer in 2014 and 2015, already was facing 270 days in suspensions for positive tests for clenbuterol in October and November 2015.

On April 15, he was handed a three-year ejection from the grounds of Parx April 15 as an “undesirable person” whose “pattern of conduct is not in the best interest of racing” and the track refused to take entries from his stable.

Preciado appealed the ejection and received a stay of the order three days later. On April 26, Preciado sued both Walter Remmert, executive director of the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission, and Sam Elliott, the Parx Racing racing secretary, saying his due process rights were violated.

In his complaint Preciado said he “will prove at the hearings that a disgruntled employee has sabotaged his horses by giving the drug without his knowledge.”

Six separate stewards rulings were issued between May 17-22 for the latest clenbuterol positives, disqualifying the horses from the victories and their purse money.

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Horses in the News: Links for Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Top Story

Photo Credit: Lupe Gonzalez
Photo Credit: Lupe Gonzalez


ABC News Channel 7 Los Angeles reports “A VA hospital granted a Vietnam War veteran’s last request to see his beloved horses before passing away. Roberto Gonzalez, from Premont, Texas, was drafted in 1970 and shot within four months of serving in Vietnam. The resulting injuries left Gonzalez paralyzed. Hernandez explained that because Gonzalez knew that the end was near, he requested to see his horses one last time.

Other News


The New York Times reports that Protesters outside a rally for Donald J. Trump in Albuquerque threw rocks at police horses and lighted fires on Tuesday night, according to the police and postings on social media. Live video aired by KOAT-TV showed officers pushing protesters onto sidewalks. The police reported that their horses were being attacked.”


The Daily Caller reports “Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump held a rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico Tuesday. Outside the event, a large group of liberal activists and illegal aliens caused a near-riot attempting to shut down the event. The mob, holding anti-Trump signs and Mexican flags, began throwing rocks and bottles at police on foot and horseback.” (includes video)

HISTORY OF WILD EURASIAN HORSES reports “We don’t know how many species or subspecies of wild horses lived in Europe and Asia when early domestication attempts began, but we do know that only one of them escaped or resisted domestication, survived captivity, and is still living in the wild today. This enduring species are Przewalski horses (Equus przewalskii), also known as Mongolian wild horses or, in local language, takhi.”



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