Stiffer sentences requested in wild horse killings

The Associated Press reports:

Federal prosecutors are seeking a year in prison for two men who admitted that they shot and killed five wild mustangs last fall about 150 miles northwest of Reno. Probation officials had recommended six months in prison, but Dan Bogden, the United States attorney for Nevada, said the stiffer sentence was warranted because there was “no justifiable reason” for the killings. Sentencing had been scheduled for Tuesday for the two men, Todd Davis, 45, and Joshua Keathley, 36, both of Lovelock. It was postponed until Nov. 3 to give both sides more time to prepare. Mr. Bogden noted in a new court filing that a year in prison might help provide the training and education that the two unemployed men needed to get jobs.

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6 thoughts on “Stiffer sentences requested in wild horse killings”

  1. Just wanted to share this with you if you have already heard it show someone else!!

    Look back at Our Struggle for Freedom, Trace Our present day Strength to its very Source ! You will find Mans Pathway to Glory, is Strewn with the bones of a Horse.


  2. I agree with both Arlene and Kerry. 6 months is not enough time to rehabilitate killers. They should definitely spend all thier time with and caring for horses (supervised of course). Actually, it would be better if they could be made to be somehow dependent on the horses for thier food, water, etc. Maybe then they would respect them as the wonderful, beautiful, noble animals that they are.


  3. A Former BLM Director thought it was important to have this sent back out.

    HSUS, Humane Society of the Untied States uses WILD HORSES AS TEST RATS for there experimental guinea pigs for the drug PZP.!

    The very people who want to stop the monkeys testing, rat testing and all other animal experimental testing USES WILD HORSES FOR THERE FINANCIAL GAIN.

    MAYBE SOME WILL FIND THIS REPORT INTERESTING……. I Like page 29 and 30 and who said the tail doesn’t wag the dog… I find it better informative that the Pryor Mountains wild horses were rushed to be removed as they were part of this experiment so that the long term effect could not be seen. No where does this talk about the long term effects as we have seen it with wild horses here at the WHF….


  4. If only they could be transfered to the Colorado Canon City Wild Horse Redemption project. Let them spend a year learning to train the very wild horse that they find such a enjoyable sporting target.


  5. These two heartless , men I think need rehabilitation, they need to find out what a horse is really all about, If I were the Judge in this case I would pose as their sentence as this !!! They would learn from this sentence !!!! I would sentence them to 2 years being with horses(under supervision of course) Taking care of them seeing how they are so very much like us in everyway, they would learn the Courage, the Pride, the Nobleness,the Passion , the Beautiful Mystic Qualities everyone of them have, they would be also required to take The Monty Roberts Horse Course until they would pass it……………………… There is no way that this would not bring them to their knees on just what they did to those horses, if fact I would guarantee that they would be also horse advocates when finished……………..


    1. Thank You for saying it all….I totally agree with you…..Enough Said! Let us hope that someone finally listens…..


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