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Good News Friday sponsored by Horse Charities Lemonade Stand

Horse Charities Lemonade Stand
Horse Charities Lemonade Stand

Our staff are busy sending out our “When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town” CD, which contains the pdf version of the document and an audio version recorded by Charlotte Anthony.

The good news this Friday is:

We are virtually blanketing the US with this information. And not just the States we know are seeking to open a horse slaughter plant, but every single US State.

In response to this, there have been a number of pro-horse slaughter articles in major newspapers lately. But they are not convincing; it is clear the reporting is biased. This is because, thanks to you, we have gotten the facts — not opinions — out about horse slaughter, to the right people, at the right time.

And the news gets better.

The word is spreading further afield. We have had requests from politicians and businesses in Canada for “When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town”.

Help keep the good news going!

Yet with all of this success, our task is not yet complete. We still have many more to reach. You can assure we get this done with a supporting donation.

Please visit our Lemonade Stand and “buy” a glass for $1 each or a pitcher for $25.

See who is on our Lemonade Wall. You can also honor someone special with your donation.

Click to Donate
Click to Donate

If you have already made a donation, you can make another and we will add the glasses, or pitcher.

Click the lemonade glass right now to donate online.

Thank you so much for making this all possible.

— Vivian and the Lemonade Wall Gang

1 thought on “Good News Friday sponsored by Horse Charities Lemonade Stand”

  1. Way to go to all of those who are speaking out against horse slaughter….It has been an endless amount of letters and e-mails to every Rep.,Senators, Mayors, congressman and anyone that will listen I live in Tennessee and the bill is dead until next year!..I have sent pictures of my two horses that would have gone to Mexico had I not met them..What a wonderful part of my life now….I send the pictures to all the people that I write to…Telling their story of protecting my boyfriend after he was kicked in the chest by a protective mare one of my horses stood over him until he came to and got help…How amazing to know that such bonds exist between a human and a horse….They truly are companion animals in every way….We all must keep working tirelessly and never let our guard down because so many of the low life politicians will try other ways to get these bills passed…..Not to say they are all bad because Rep. Curtis Johnson in TN. did help me with my concerns against Rep.Andy Holt who never needed to be in office since he is for horse slaughter how ignorant can he be?…Let’s keep contacting anyone that will listen…IZZY and LILLY along with all the others saved THANK EVERYONE!!!!!!


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