The older stallion Prince tries to fight others for a place in the trap. (C) LIVING IMAGES BY CAROL WALKER.

Removals from Cloud’s Pryor Mountain herd continues

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The older stallion Prince tries to fight others for a place in the trap. (C) LIVING IMAGES BY CAROL WALKER.
Older stallion Prince tries to fight others for a place in the trap. (C) LIVING IMAGES BY CAROL WALKER.


“I just spent two days in the Pryor Mountains of Montana. Normally this time of year it is a beautiful and peaceful place to be. Most of the horses in the herd are up in the high meadows, foals are playing, and it is peaceful, especially in the early mornings, my favorite time to be out photographing them.

“Not any more. Near the large reservoir water hole, there is a bait trap set up by the BLM in order to capture the 40 young horses they plan to remove from their homes and freedom forever. There are panels with mesh around them, two openings, and in the middle of the trap, goodies for the horses which can include mineral blocks, hay and other items that the horses tend to find irresistible.

“The very first thing I saw was scuffling and rearing and screaming, coming from Prince trying to keep other horses from coming into the trap.”

Much more at full report, images >>

Image used with gracious permission.

6 thoughts on “Removals from Cloud’s Pryor Mountain herd continues”

  1. If you want to help all of the mustangs vote Obama out. The man does not care about any us or the horses. I doubt he even knows what a mustang is. He leaves all of that up to the cattle ranchers he put in office to manage the BLM.


  2. What they’re doing to Cloud’s herd is sinful and unforgivable. We should march to Washington and demand that BLM scumbags be removed. Cloud and his herd are beautiful, majestic, historical and no one should do these cruel and vicious acts against them. No one. I hope BLM gets exactly what they deserve. I damn resent my tax dollar going to these bottom feeders to further hurt the wild horses and burros.


  3. There is nothing that can tear my heart and soul up worse than the BLM needless cruel disgusting round ups…………….of Our Precious Mustangs !!!!! i am speechless with sadness for Cloud and his herd also I am so sad for Ginger Kathrens!!!!!!!! I pray that we can get these inhuman Bastards out of here !!!!!


  4. It NEVER ENDS with this d__n BLM. Somehow, we have to get rid of these BUREAUCRATS. Our tax money is being SPENT on this horrible treatment of these horses. AND the PRIVATE ranchers are bribing them by putting MORE MONEY in their pockets. THIS MUST STOP.


    1. Plus the millions they are giving to private landowners to stockpile wild horses from these cruel and needless roundups … totally sickening. Yet they are screaming in Washington about the budget and wasteful spending on programs that help people.


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