The Unquestionable Right to Be . . . for all

Humans and non-humans are essential to one another in that together we all create a balance of ecology, an essential web of life. But for one species to manipulate another into an unfair and unbalanced partnership at the expense of the other’s freedom?
No . . . that is called slavery.
Missy Painter
A Manhattan carriage horse nibbles in the slush. Image by Carriage Horses NYC.
A Manhattan carriage horse nibbles in the slush.

I received a link in my inbox to an exquisitely written guest post by Missy Painter for Carriage Horses NYC.

She was writing about the horse drawn carriage debate raging in many quarters throughout the city of New York. Should they stay? Or should they go? The name of the article is “The Unquestionable Right To Be”.

Whether or not you are interested in the carriage horse situation in Manhattan, listen up.

Painter addresses a key issue that is central to this debate and many more like it when it comes to the way we think about animals and treat them.

Painter writes:

Humanity is waking up. We are evolving in our capacity for compassion. And as this unfolds we need to face the fact that we have done a great disservice to other beings on earth. What was once the unchallenged and traditional use of animals is up for discussion and debate… and in many cases it’s up for abolition.

But this is not a message about persecution or judgment. This is about awakening and awareness and right action, and an obligation to extend living rights to those who exist with us on the planet… those very same rights we demand for ourselves.

The right to exist and live a life free of exploitation and slavery.

The unquestionable right to be.

Please visit this link and read the full post.

6 thoughts on “The Unquestionable Right to Be . . . for all”

  1. May I kindly ask why wildhorseorg’s (is that her username?) comments were removed? Although they seemed to be somewhat at odds with full-fledged animal rights, I did not find anything remotely offensive or insensitive about them.


  2. This is an excellent piece about everything that is wrong with the world and the human race. If it never happens when I am of this Earth, and it likely won’t, I do pray that there will be a day when mankind looks back upon the atrocities they have committed against our animal counterparts and hang their heads in shame. The world as we know it is terribly flawed… is sad beyond my comprehension and it hurts each and every day I wake up to the “way it is”………


    1. Jane, I know how you feel. I can’t remember who said it but the saying was that someday man will look upon the killing of animals as murder–not exact quote.. Some of us already do .


      1. Is this the quote Barbara? We used to have a list of quotes like these on our old website. I will be bringing them back soon.

        I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men. — Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)


  3. To Honor the American Wild Mustangs and the American Horses is to Honor Ones self………………………………………


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