Raphael Macek's Immersion horse portrait is center stage in this engaging decor.

Raphael Macek

Something of great beauty to take you into the weekend. Thank you for visiting with us, and for your likes and comments. All images by renown equine photographer, Raphael Macek.

Raphael Macek horse portrait Immersion used in interior design.
Raphael Macek’s horse portrait Immersion used in interior design.
Another example of Raphael Macek's magnificent horse portrait art.
Another example of Raphael Macek’s magnificent horse portrait art.


Horses stir passion, inspire respect, and have influenced human history unlike any other animal. These unique creatures represent strength, pride, and beauty. Raphael Macek explores all of this and more in his work. Through his images, Macek conveys the emotions of a particular moment in time, expertly captured by his camera.

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Gallery at https://macekgallery.com/.

Website at https://raphaelmacek.com/.

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/raphaelmacekphotography/.

Instagram @raphaelmacek

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